Which Charmed One Are You?

The Charmed ones are good witches living in the present time in San Fransisco California. They are responsible for making sure that Evil doesn't invade their City. This is a Quiz to see who you are most like between the four sisters who were on the Show Charmed. I am a fan of the show and just wanted to create some fun for other fans of the Show as well.

So the real question is Who are you most like? Are you more of a Prue? Sort of Protective and Sophisticated. Are you a Piper? Sort of Natural and Mothery and a bit worrisome. How about a Pheobe? An attention getter but very compassionate? What about a Paige? Very Independent and Colorful. Here's the oppurtunity to find out take my quiz and find your inner Charmed one.

Created by: QueenofSpades
  1. What's your style?
  2. What do you look for in a guy?
  3. How are you when it comes to family?
  4. What is your worst personality trait?
  5. What is Your greatest fear?
  6. Who do you most resemble in your family?
  7. Which power would you prefer?
  8. What would be best job for you?
  9. What type of employee do you make?
  10. If you could choose another power it would be...
  11. When Evil strikes what is your normal duty?
  12. What was your identity in high School?

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Quiz topic: Which Charmed One am I?