Are you out of touch with reality?

This is a 12 question quiz about the status of how in touch you are with current music and movies. Stuff like that. It's good to live in the present and not forget the past, but rather enjoy the present more.

Are you out of touch with reality? Maybe you are. Well you should take this quiz to see if you are living in the past or living in the present. Are things just not good enough now-a-days? Find out.

Created by: Serge
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  1. Are you up to date on current music artists?
  2. Which do you talk about more?
  3. Did you have glory days years ago?
  4. Is it weird that 90's music is classic rock?
  5. Best Decade
  6. Do you remember when MTV only played music videos?
  7. Which is more your speed?
  8. Which is more your speed?
  9. Is it hard to watch new movies?
  10. Are most newer movies made with a terrible story and cheesy acting?

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Quiz topic: Am I out of touch with reality?