Flash In The Stars

This is my first try at a story quiz! Have fun involving yourself in the beauty, romance and confusing mystery of this sweet story. Laugh, cry, and love with the touch of a button.

Discover your dream guy. Date him. Dump him. Live through the confusion and realize how connected you are to your blurry past. We will start in the morning, music blasting, your eyes popping open and-

Created by: Ada

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  1. You wake up to your phone singing the song "Firework". Grabbing it, you quickly turn off the alarm and see that both Matteo, your best friend, has texted, "Morning sunshine!"
  2. You're about to reply, when your bf texts. 'Looking forward to our date tonite!'
  3. The kid, who you suddenly realize his name is sam, sends a FaceTime request. You pick up quickly-
  4. "Hi," Sam says, his bright smile melting your heart- or triggering your barf, it depends. "Um, hi." He repeats, gulping down some nervousness. "You're not yourself today." "I didn't say anything," you point out. "My point exactly." He straightens his leather jacket. "Today, when I drive you to school, I'm picking you up early. Kk?"
  5. When Sam picks you up, you are surprised to see he has a motorcycle.
  6. Most of the ride is totally boring, until the end when Sam parks and kisses you. After that, the day blurs by.
  7. Throughout the day, people constantly are picking on this kid apparently named Dusty, who cleans the school like a maid. Which, in your opinion, he-
  8. You want to stand up to him, but... But... It'd be really awkward... Ok, maybe I should do it. You think. The bell rings. Oh great, math. You enter, and are pleased to see-
  9. The person you've sat next to pays zero attention to your presence. Before you can point out their rudeness- the teacher announces a new student, Houston.
  10. Houston doesn't even look your way, and neither does any other boy.
  11. When you're leaving the building, jittery with excitement for your date, someone grabs you softly. It's dusty, you realize. "Hi," he says. "I heard you liked poetry."
  12. Dusty blushes. "Sorry, I probably sound weird...it's just, you're so," he looks you up and down, turning scarlet.
  13. You start up a conversation about poetry, which is suprisingly interesting with dusty. You talk for nearly twenty minutes. Then Sam walks up, looking upset. Surprised, you feel yourself start to run home. You wish you remembered your past, but you don't.
  14. That night, late, Sam rings your doorbell.
  15. He takes you onto the porch. You look into his eyes. "Look," he says, pointing to the sky. Aurora borealis, you breathe. "You are great, but... You just aren't special THAT way. You're..." He changes the subject." I'm sorry Elliot hurt us the other day. She is such an annoying idiot sometimes, and I think she made your head a little wonky, so I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense...." He gets to the point. "we're over."
  16. You wake up to the song firework again, feeling extremely-
  17. That flash in the stars....it comes to mind as you absently read Matteo's text. "I'll bring you some cocoa and chocolates later...,"
  18. As you're about to leave, you wonder, out of all these hot, epic, amazing guys...who do I like?
  19. I hope you read the next part for more romance! Luv ya all!

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