How well do you know The Flash...

Hey hoped you will like this quiz,it's my first one but I know a lot about The Flash and stuff but there are many people who don't know a lot about The Flash you're not the only one or are you.

Are you able to figure out my challenge about The Flash let's see if YOU got what it takes to be a Flash Fan you may not or maybe you just a minute you can find out...

Created by: BlazinRod

  1. How did the flash get his powers?
  2. How fast can The Flash run(before his full speed)
  3. How fast could The Flash run at full speed?
  4. How did Flash lose his powers?
  5. Name all Flashes in order...
  6. What was The Flash's name before The Flash?
  7. Who is Flash's Arch Enemy?
  8. Who did Flash race many times in the Comics?
  9. What is The Flash's Special Move?
  10. Most important Question...Who was the Very First Flash?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know The Flash...