Kineton Dynamoes- How well do you know your team?

Welcome to the official Kineton Dynamoes Past, present and future quiz. This is for all Kineton Dynamo players and supporters to come and test their knowledge of the team.

Questions will be asked in a multiple choice style format. At the end of the quiz, you will be given your result as well as your current squad status. How important are you to the Kineton Dynamo side..... its time to find out!

Created by: Ben

  1. Who was the opposition in Kineton Dynamoes first game?
  2. Who holds the record for being the youngest Kineton player at the time of their debut?
  3. Which Kineton player lives in Coventry?
  4. Which player is our current top goalscorer in Kineton tournament competitions?
  5. Who scored Kinetons last ever goal in Myton Soccer?
  6. What is currently Kinetons biggest win in the Stratford Leisure League?
  7. Which Hall of Fame Kineton player scored from the half way line during the 2005 Kineton Tournament?
  8. Who was the first player to join the team while living in Stratford?
  9. Who did Kineton Dynamoes defeat 2 days before christmas in 2007, after a dubious decision regarding the ball going through the side netting of our goal?
  10. Which Kineton player, except for Ben Schumann, has played in all three major competitons (Myton Soccer, Kineton Tournaments, Stratford League)

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Quiz topic: Kineton Dynamoes- How well do I know my team?