We Need Girlfriends Quiz 1

This is a simple quiz about the best web series of all time, We Need Girlfriends. Whether you're on Team Rod, Team Henry, or Team Tom, give it a shot.

Just how big a fan are you? Take the quiz, and you'll find out. And don't cheat by going back to watch the episodes. That's the behavior of a squirrel scammer!

Created by: Patrick
  1. What is the MySpace name of the guy Tom's ex starts dating?
  2. What does it say on the back of Team Henry's shirt?
  3. What random word has Rod NOT used to refer to somebody?
  4. Henry's ex told him to wear more gray, so he bought a new shirt. What's the pattern?
  5. According to Rod, a straight guy is allowed to turn down sex/intimacy to watch certain TV shows. What is NOT one of them?
  6. As of Episode 8, how many girls has Henry made out with?
  7. What game is played at game night?
  8. The guys dress as superheroes in the Christmas bonus episode. What superhero is NOT represented?
  9. In scene one of episode one, Rod unloads a box from the car. What does it contain?
  10. What is the name of the laundromat where Tom and Lucy meet?
  11. What celebrity appears in the background of Rod's MySpace page?
  12. What is Tom's MySpace password?
  13. Who is Rod's favorite actor?
  14. Which is NOT the name of one of their ex-girlfriends?
  15. What TV show does Henry watch for 8 hours straight?
  16. What is the theme of the cake that Henry makes for Jenny?
  17. What does Henry use to get in shape?
  18. Which of these people is a male celebrity that Henry would have sex with?
  19. How many dates did Dennis and Lucy go on before they went all the way?
  20. What does Henry give to Jenny after her birthday party?

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