We Need Girlfriends Quiz 2

This is a follow-up to the first We Need Girlfriends Quiz. If you haven't taken that quiz yet, why don't you go ahead and give it a shot? It'll be fun, I promise!

How well do you know WNG? This one's a little trickier than the first, so choose wisely. But don't cheat by going back to watch the episodes. That's the behavior of a squirrel scammer!

Created by: Patrick
  1. How long did Lucy and Dennis date?
  2. In high school, where did Jenny want to work some day?
  3. What have Tom and Lucy NOT done on a date?
  4. Jenny gives Henry a talking keychain featuring whose voice?
  5. What dating advice do Rod and Henry give Tom on his date with Lucy?
  6. How old is Jenny?
  7. Why does Rod get mad at Tom after Tom's date with Lucy?
  8. Rod gets excited about a letter he receives on Valentine's Day. Who is it from?
  9. How many dates do Tom and Lucy go on before breaking up?
  10. In the blooper reel, Dennis makes a quip about an adult film actor. Who is it?
  11. What does Lucy's pillow smell like?
  12. What is Henry's last name?
  13. When Tom was a child, he got lost at Caldor. What athlete came to his aid?
  14. Where is Henry from originally?
  15. What was the first game that Rod wanted to play at game night?
  16. Which character has a tendency to call Tom "Thomas?"
  17. Henry and Tom cheat at game night. How long does it take Rod to figure this out?
  18. Past Henry asks Future Henry about several people and things. What is NOT one of them?
  19. How long have Tom and Henry been friends?
  20. What does Henry wear to work?

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