Are you a good girlfriend??

there are diferent kinds of girlfriends .good , bad ,and kind of good girlfriends.good girlfriends are girls who guys love to hang-out with.bad girlfriends are annoying to be around and kind of good girlfriends are in between.

do u wanna know if you a good , bad , or kind of good guys love you or hate you or just like'll find out if you take this quiz.DONT FEEL BAD IF YOU GET A LOW SCORE THOUGH.

Created by: Jennifer

  1. does your boyfriend usually call you or you call him or does it mix in between
  2. Has Your boyfriend ever asked you to have sex with him and you gave him what he wanted...
  3. Do you like your boyfriend for his looks , personality , or his body .
  4. Do you like this quiz so far.
  5. Do you think you are obsessed with your boyfriend?
  6. Do you take advantage of you guy or do love him with all of ur heart??
  7. do u believe u r in love...
  8. does ur boyfriend ignore you
  9. Can u see yourself marrying him
  10. Finally do you even have a boyfriend.

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Quiz topic: Am I a good girlfriend??