Are you a good girlfriend?

Hello, I bet you are wondering if you are a good girlfriend or not? Well, quiz going to help you out. None of the answers will say that you are bad because that is not for me to judge ,but they will tell you how good you are!

Please enjoy the quiz and don't take the results so seriusly because its just a quiz and I don't know everyones relationship, so just have fun! Please leave a comment in the comment box when you find your results! Thanks!!!

Created by: Lauren
  1. You see you guy talking to his friend that just happens to be a girl. They are both smiling and seem to be having a good time. What do you do?
  2. he forgets your birthday!!! What do you do?
  3. He hasn't called you in three weeks what do you do?
  4. Do u hold his hand first or does him grab yours.
  5. Have you kissed yet?
  6. Why did u start going out?
  7. If he cheated on you what would u do?
  8. Did you tell him you loved him first or did he tell u?
  9. Do you HONESTLY love him?
  10. Do you hang out on real dates or just at school?

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Quiz topic: Am I a good girlfriend?