do you treat you boy as a toy?

there are so many types of love, true, puppy, and ect. yet many types of people who fall in love. this quiz is to find out if you are a good girlfriend! if you are you can lay back an d just keepup the goodwork. if not so good work harder untill your fingers blead!

are you an awsome girlfriend? do you respect your man as much as he respects you? are your a crazy nut who could be dumped at any moment? or are you a b-itch, that drives him crazy and treats as if he is your property? well if your any of these maybe you should watch some educational tv shows on love, like "Days Of Our Lives"

Created by: dizzy

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. how many times do you call him a day?
  2. how ofen do you make the plans?
  3. did he tell you he loved you at will?
  4. is he a crush or your real bo!
  5. do you like he's looks!
  6. do you fear he's with another girl?
  7. have you cheated on him?
  8. how would you breakup with him?
  9. do you every wish you met someone else?
  10. do you every flirt with one of his friends?
  11. did you love the quiz?

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Quiz topic: Do I treat you boy as a toy?