What Treat Are You?

hey guys! this quiz thing is something I (zee) made and i hope you like it! it's a quiz to see wich treat you are and how that affects your personality!

are you a: marshmellow? wizz fizz? party mix? ice-cream? chips? or a sour snake? take my quizz to find out! you can put this on your myspace and stuff. send me a message and tell me what you got, think I'm a marshmellow, or a party mix, not too sure.

Created by: Georgia of liveformusicdieforfriends
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  1. Where do you prefer to hang out?
  2. Whats your fave movie genre?
  3. what would your dream date look like?
  4. whats your favorite season?
  5. fave music genre?
  6. fave animal?
  7. would you rather be a....
  8. whats your favourite colour?
  9. favourite lollie
  10. what mood are you usially in (tell the truth)

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Quiz topic: What Treat am I?