What District 25 5A bball team are you?

It's a tough district with teams all looking to make the playoff cut. only a few top teams have that title. which flag should u fly proudly? which team do you represent? which of these schools show your true colors?

are you a matador? an eagle? maybe a rattler? a perrenial district champ? a bottom feeder that looks for two wins a year? find out which team you are! which one of these schools should you play for?

Created by: ben schneider

  1. your schools bball team is...
  2. your teams playing style is mostly...
  3. whats your team color
  4. your school town is in
  5. your coach is
  6. your number of seniors
  7. last year your team
  8. your ethnic majority is
  9. whose your rival school
  10. you practice

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Quiz topic: What District 25 5A bball team am I?