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Alpha Team is a set filled with complex stories and characters. They may look the same on the out side but on the inside they are filled with mysteries, twists, and you can only imagion! So take this quiz and see how many you know.

How big an Alpha Team fan are you? Just your avrage fan who can match names and colors? Or are you practicaly an agent yourself? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: elizabeth

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  1. what does Radia have as a unique trait?
  2. What are Cam's attacks caused by?
  3. What does Charge pretend not to have?
  4. Who does Crunch have a crush on?
  5. In "Drone menace" who saves Dash's life?
  6. In "Deep Sea Mission" What does Ogel do to Radia?
  7. In "Evil Music" what is Ogel trying to controle
  8. In "Heat Attack" what saves Charge?
  9. Why does Dash leave in "A dream Followed"?
  10. What does Flex prove when he's in the volcano?

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