your dream birthday present

I was inspired to create this quiz because I didn't know what I wanted for my birthday I took a lot of these quizzes but none really appealed to me so I created my own

this quiz will ask you questions to see what things your into so that you can see what I thought you might like for your present these present are suitable for all occasions both big and small

Created by: mary

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. are you the soft and cuddly type
  2. do you eat a lot of chocolate and sweets
  3. do you do a lot of writing
  4. do you go shopping for clothes alot
  5. what is your favourite colour
  6. are you really girly
  7. do you spend a lot of time with your friends
  8. do you enjoy your birthday
  9. are you greatfull for whatever you get
  10. do you have any brothers or sisters

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Quiz topic: My dream birthday present