What sort of Carl fan are you?

Carl Riseley is a hot Aussie talent and a star on the rise, there's no disputing that. But the road to stardom requires more than just talent and hard work. It also requires a gorgeous face, oodles of charm, the body of Adonis and a whole lot of exuberant fans buying CDs, concert tickets and merchandise.

Okay we know Carl has the good looks, charm and body but does he have the right sort of fans? It's time to find out just what sort of fans are getting behind our man. Take our fun quiz and see how you rate as a Carl fan.

Created by: Angeo
  1. Every morning you:
  2. What is your favourite part of Carl?
  3. You're playing The Rise and a friend makes a slightly derogatory remark about one song. Do you
  4. You discover Carl's tour dates for your home town have been canceled. Do you
  5. How many copies of The Rise CD have you bought?
  6. You find out Carl is doing a one-night-only concert near you but it's the same night as your sister's wedding and you're the best man/woman! Do you
  7. In your honest unbiased opinion, which Australian Idol Judge do you believe is the fairest, most discerning and best able to spot true raw talent?
  8. Complete this phrase - Carl Riseley is . . .
  9. If voting for Carl Riseley on Australian Idol was turned into an Olympic Sport you would . . .
  10. You lead a busy lifestyle juggling work, career and aspirations, family duties and keeping fit. When you find yourself with an hour completely alone and free to do anything you want you . . .
  11. You organize your ipod or mp3 music by
  12. Do you know who Carl Riseley's friends are?
  13. Does Carl know who you are?

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Quiz topic: What sort of Carl fan am I?