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  • What sort of Carl fan are you?
    [published: Aug 15, 2008]

    Carl Riseley is a hot Aussie talent and a star on the rise, there's no disputing that. But theā€¦…

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  • Problem Alert!
    "Kish - sorry I'm baffled. It never worked every time I tried making changes for ages. Now it suddenly works."
  • Problem Alert!
    "Um, I just looked at it again and the changes have come through .... Maybe it just takes a bit of time... ?"
  • Problem Alert!
    "Thanks TBK. Yup I can log back into the quiz and have done many times and tried to change the error but none of the changes get saved. Or I ..."
  • Problem Alert!
    "Hi my one and only quiz will never make it to the top 40 - it was created for a forum. I made a typo and want to fix it. Can you unlock it ..."

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