How Vaguely Described Are You

It's time to find out more about you, in a vague sort of way. Try to describe yourself in a vague sort of way. Do not worry about specifics. There aren't any, anyway. So get ready and pe prepared to show that you are somebody.

Specifics are to be avoided, at least most of the time. Try to fill in the blank parts of your life, the white gessoed canvas of your life with stuff.

Created by: vaguely
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How Are You
  2. What Do You Think About That Thing That Happened Yesterday
  3. will it ever end
  4. Do you like to go places
  5. Which vaguely remembered Hollywood personality do you look like.
  6. If there was one thing about you, that you could change it would be
  7. Do you know who I am?
  8. What Naval Battle Led To a Brief Turk Defeat But Showed Weaknesses In the European Allance Which Halted Further Ottoman Losses, Though Only Temporarily
  9. How do you react to the future
  10. Where does it hurt

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