How Liberal are you?

How liberal are you. Do you consider yourself a liberal are you wondering. Well you can find out if your a Republican Democrat, libertarian,far right wing, or an independant.

Take this test and find out how liberal you are. The answeres could let you know what political party to join if you are not part of a political party. All your questions will answered.

Created by: DRDavid Banner
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  1. Do you think the government should regulate how much violence are in Videogames?
  2. Do you think guns should be allowed to everybody?
  3. Should abortion be ilegal?(Besides if the womens life is threatened)
  4. Should gay marriage be legal?
  5. Should there be praying in public schools?
  6. Should the government have a right to wiretape your phone?
  7. Should drugs be legal?
  8. Should there be lower taxes for all?
  9. Should children have to go to school?
  10. How liberal do you think you are?

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Quiz topic: How Liberal am I?