Which UK Political Party Am I?

The general election has been announced for May 6th, yet it is very apparent that many of the British public have no idea who to vote for. There are too many policies, and distinguishing between parties is very difficult.

This following quiz of 15 questions asks you about important topics, with a clear difference between each policy. It is accurate, with the policies taken directly from the parties manifesto, helping you decide with which British political party you most sit with.

Created by: Tom Randall of TomSpot
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  1. ECONOMY: What should be done about the 178 billion pound structural deficit of the UK?
  2. IMMIGRATION: What should the approach be to immigration?
  3. DEFENCE: Do you support the war in Iraq and Afghanistan? What should be done about our nuclear missiles?
  4. CRIME: What should be done to reduce crime?
  5. HEALTH: How should the NHS be run?
  6. EDUCATION: What improvements need to be made to our education system?
  7. FAMILY: What approach do you take to British families and what should be done to support them?
  8. ENVIRONMENT: What measures need to be taken to combat climate change?
  9. PENSIONS: What should be done to help the older generation?
  10. HOUSING: How should the issues with housing be resolved?
  11. EUROPE: Where should we stand when positioning ourselves with the EU?
  12. TRANSPORT: How will we meet increasing demands for better and quicker transport?
  13. CIVIL RIGHTS: How far should political parties go when interfering with our liberties?

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