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  • Oneonta. What kind of ignorant s--- head says stuff like that. You dont like white people then move. Move to an all black country. Or better yet all of yall who feel that way create your own state or country. We would be glad to see people like yall go. No need for hate . Oh and news flash white people aren't the only ones capable of racism. You proved that

    Irishpride83 Oct 7 '18, 9:05AM
  • Libertarian, then conservative. Lol but I don’t like white people

    Oneonta Sep 24 '18, 6:26AM
  • There really should be more than two options for questions 3-6. Especially question 4. I think I can speak fora lot of people when I say that my beliefs on firearms fall squarely in the middle between the two extremes offered here.

    mjb1124 Nov 23 '13, 1:18PM
  • That's a suprise, liberal. And about this question:
    ,,Immigr ation should be" - honestly, all of you Yankees are imigrants in America :P

    Rafal88022505435 Dec 28 '09, 6:44PM

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