How Liberal or Conservative Are You?

There are many quizzes on the internet that deal with political views. Most of them, however, are too specific to controversial issues, such as the war in Iraq, or are simply poorly worded and too open for interpretation.

This quiz, only 20 questions in length, examines both liberalism and conservatism through non-biased statements. Remember that you always have the option of checking the box "Neutral/Unsure" if you can't make up your mind or agree with only part of the statement.

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  1. Successful big businesses should be allowed to create monopolies, even if this threatens smaller businesses.
  2. African-Americans should get special consideration (i.e. scholarships, more lax requirements) when applying for college.
  3. Doctors should be allowed to help a terminally ill patient end his or her life if the patient wants to die.
  4. Those in the upper class should pay the same percentage of income tax as those in the middle class (those who make more money should not get to pay a smaller percentage).
  5. Those caught possessing drugs for personal use should be more likely to be offered rehabilitation or probation in lieu of a prison sentence.
  6. Television, films, music, and video games should be censored at least somewhat for excessive profanity, sexual dialogue, and violence.
  7. I believe torture is an acceptable strategy in at least some situations for the government to use to gain information from terrorists.
  8. At least most people should receive free health care, even if this causes an increase in taxes.
  9. Women are just as capable as men to serve as high-ranked politicians.
  10. We should do more to prevent illegal immigration, and we should deport all illegal immigrants that we discover in our country.
  11. Legal marriage should be permitted only between a man and a woman.
  12. It is important to try to keep religious beliefs and popular morals, such as those that involve adultery and prostitution, away from our laws.
  13. When determining sentences for those convicted of felonies, we should give mercy greater weight than justice and deterrence of future crimes.
  14. The First Amendment (freedom of speech and religion) should not protect those who publicly burn an American flag.
  15. Adult women should always be allowed to choose to have an abortion at least during the earliest stages of pregnancy.
  16. Generally, adult citizens without a criminal history should be allowed to own and carry a firearm with them in most places.
  17. Some people not being able to afford healthcare is a reasonable sacrifice that we must make so that most people can get quality healthcare.
  18. Students in high schools and colleges should be required to take at least one class specific to women's, blacks', or homosexuals' culture or achievements.
  19. At least some adults who commit murder or terrorism should be sentenced to death.
  20. I believe that either minimum wages are too high or that they are not needed at all.

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