The Liberal, Conservative, General and Formalist Quiz

If you are striving to look more into the whole "Liberal vs. Conservative" debate, to see which you are more classified as, take this quiz, and see how yo result. This is basically a well rounded quiz to give many a well thought out idea of how to think of themselves. Thank you for all participation, and have a good day. :)

Liberal vs. Conservatives! You are now able to take a rough example of how you would test on a liberal/conservative test. In addition, I have created a test that incorporates two new terms, that I myself have created, General and Formal.

Created by: Yaakov
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  1. Abortion should be...
  2. Our military should be doing the most it can to protect our nation by fighting and seeking terrorism across the world.
  3. Gay marriage should be
  4. Stem cell research should be...
  5. The death penalty
  6. It should be mandatory for all officers, high positions and service workers to wear uniforms showing the country of origin, identification (name/DOB) etc.
  7. If proven productive and a helpful addition to society, illegal immigrants should be able to join through citizenship.
  8. Public broadcasting that clearly interferes with political views should be censored/banned.
  9. Affirmative action is clearly still needed in the workplace to give a fair "advantage" to minorities
  10. Gun control should be highly guarded.
  11. Severely Handicapped people with inheritible diseases should be prevented from reproducing.
  12. The government should tax the rich to provide the poor with more money.
  13. Certain rights should be denied to individuals
  14. It is more important to help the economy and government (inflation) than society and the people (unemployment)
  15. Which one most accurately describes you in an election?
  16. Knowing, Liberals: open to change Conservatives: prevent change General: loose, imprecise Formal: strict, precise I would have originally (before this survey) considered myself

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