Medieval Warfare Test

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Study Board Lesson 1: Medieval Warfare Lesson 1.a: Overview Lesson 1.b: Medieval Weapons Lesson 1.c: Medieval Armour Lesson 1.d: Medieval Fortification Lesson 1.e: The Siege of Rhodes Lesson 1.f: The Hundred Years' War Lesson 1.g: Horses in Warfare Lesson 1.h: Knight

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  1. True/False: When the cannon was first invented, only about five cannons could be fired in an entire battle.
  2. What is one reason why a hasty retreat was more deadly than the battle itself?
  3. How were small armies expected to get food?
  4. What was the worst disease in Medieval history?
  5. What was the most famous type of attack in Medieval Naval warfare?
  6. What was a skilled longbowman expected to shoot? (APM=Arrows Per Minuite)
  7. When did Medieval warfare begin in the Arab empire?
  8. A dirk is a type of...
  9. A swordstaff is a type of...
  10. What were the uses of caltrops?
  11. Which Mideval Helmet could have crowns, feathers, or wings attatched to it?
  12. True/False: A gauntlet covers the elbows.
  13. Tassets covered the ______ part of the legs.
  14. Royal castles' walls were made of _______.
  15. What is generally the most defended part of the castle?
  16. What was the result of the Seige of Rhodes?
  17. True/False: This was the result of the Hundred Years' War: The House of Valois establish themselves as Kings of France. The Plantagenets fail to establish themselves as Kings of France and England.
  18. What is the name of a horse that had a greater weight and height to accomodate suited knights?
  19. What was the first step in becomeing a knight?

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