What Medieval Warrior Are You?

Medieval armies were composed of different kinds of warriors. Some armies favoured brave horsemen who fear no man, and some preferred cunning horsmen who use tricks to win. And some simply preferred Barbaric warriors who love only bringing destruction.

What kind of warrior are you? Take this quiz and you will realize what warrior you might have been had you lived in those times. You will also have an idea of what weapons you might have used if you lived in those ties.

Created by: Ahmad
  1. Which weapon do you identify most with?
  2. You are engaged in battle and the enemy infantry is advancing. What would you do?
  3. In the midst of battle, a scary looking knight approaches me. I will...
  4. After the enemy is defeated you end up with a prisoner. What will you do with him?
  5. On your days off you like to...
  6. You believe that ... Is one of the most important determinants of victory.
  7. If you were two have a title what would it be?
  8. Your city is besieged by the enemy. Every man is ordered to fight. What would you do?
  9. What kind of enemy do you despise the most?
  10. You don't actually think that the results of this quiz will really make you a warrior... Do you?

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Quiz topic: What Medieval Warrior am I?