Which Warrior Are You?

Did you ever wonder what kind of Warrior you would be? Well, now you can know...kinda. Actually, that is a lie... no it isn't... yes it is... no it isn;t... yes it is... no i-SHUT UP!

i's confused! can has hug now? please? really? NO!? YOU SUCK MONKEY BALLS! LOL! I ARE Just JOKE! I HATE THIS! I DON'T JUMP AT CONCERTS! I AM A NERD! Why does this happen over and over agian? is it that i'm just a virus in this Pure world... or i'm the only cure for this corrupted planet?

Created by: trin
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If you had a weapon, what kind of weapon would it be?
  2. What kind of armour would you have?
  3. Which battle cry do you prefer?
  4. How's Life?
  5. Which is your favorite MSN language abrevations?
  6. What's your favorite sound of killing?
  7. Which would you like to be from?
  8. Which of the following are your favorite ancient hero?
  9. Which Type of Movie do you like?
  10. What is your favorite food?
  11. Which saying is more offensive to the british?
  12. So... guess which one of these is the right answer
  13. ok...what?
  14. What is your prefered transportation?
  15. what is my gamer tag?, BTW, this isn't for anything...XD
  16. Did you give up yet?

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Quiz topic: Which Warrior am I?