Are you ready to be a Warrior?

Are you ready to be a warrior of RainClan? Take this test to see if you have the knowledge, history, and other important information about the Clan. Good luck, and PLEASE be honest.

Are YOU a warrior? In just a few minutes you'll find out if you need more training, or if your fit to be a RainClan warrior! Make sure to study so your ready for your assessment!!!

Created by: bluepelt12
  1. Were is the best place to hunt in RiverClan territory?
  2. Why is RiverClan territory so rainy?
  3. Who is RainClan's enemy and ally?
  4. Who took WaterStar's first life?
  5. Why do you want to become a warrior?
  6. Can female warriors have kits?
  7. Where is MoonCave located?
  8. Why is RainClan called what it is?
  9. Can kittypets join RainClan?
  10. Your finished! How did you do?

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Quiz topic: Am I ready to be a Warrior?