Do you know Goku

There are many Planets among us, but only one holds are group of fearless warriors. Do you want to be a part of them? These people are not like us, they need a warrior for their society, so take this very easy Quiz, to see if you are ready for just an eye full of each...warrior, rank!

Are YOU ready to look up in the eyes of a ranked Warrior? Do you have the skill and noliege to take on the first Quiz of their society? To SEE if you can stare at them. Well, if you take this very easy Quiz, you could just see how well you are in becoming a person of a Warrior's presents!

Created by: Kajune

  1. Where did Goku come from?
  2. What contry created Goku?
  3. Who's owns Goku?
  4. What's Goku's other language name?
  5. Is 'Goku' Goku's real name?
  6. Is Goku human?
  7. From the previous question, what is Goku then?
  8. What's Goku's real name? That he got since birth.
  9. Where did he first appear in?
  10. What was he when he was first shown?
  11. What did he bump into first to start his life?
  12. Where was he born on?
  13. Did he know who he was, when he was first shown?
  14. Whatever he was at birth, why was he on Earth?
  15. What was he, when he last met up with his perants?
  16. What was his father's name?
  17. Who raised Goku?
  18. What's the name of the person who raised him?
  19. If Goku was a kid in DragonBall, what was he in, as a baby?
  20. Did Goku ever get married?
  21. Why didn't Goku know who he was?
  22. Where did the name 'Goku' or 'Son Goku' came from?
  23. To keep this short, and continue on a harder one later, I'll just ask a few more. If Goku had a son, what would be his name?
  24. What's Goku's wifes name?
  25. This one is the last for this Quiz and the hardest. Be sure to catch up with the next one! If Goku learned who he was by someone that was one of him, who else would he meet that was one of him as well?

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