Can you be Turles?

There are many Saiyajins within Dragon Ball Z,such as Goku Raditz. But not every Saiyajin have the same personality and life style. Especially the one named Turles, who seems to have something WAY diffrent from all the others. What is it then?

Are YOU like Turles? Do you have the personality good enough to BE like him? Right now you can find out. Just take this Quiz and you'll SEE if Turles is the type of Saiyajin you are most like!

Created by: Kajune
  1. What is your hair color?
  2. What is your eye color?
  3. Do you have confidence?
  4. Do you think you're cool?
  5. Do you think you are hot/gay?
  6. Do you think you are sexy?
  7. Do you see yourself attracting and gourges?
  8. Do you like Planets and Full moons?
  9. Are you able to sweet talk to someone who you both hate and like?
  10. Do you believe you have a cold, sexy evil heart?
  11. Do you have feelings for others around you?
  12. Do you love Earth?
  13. Are you affraid of Hell?
  14. When you fight someone, why do you do it?
  15. Do you have followers?
  16. Is it that whenever a strong person looks at you, you begin to believe that he thinks you are attracting and he will make a good fight?
  17. Do you believe in aliens?
  18. Last question. Do you do bad in life for fun and travel space to gain all that you may want and have the universe at your feet?

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Quiz topic: Can I be Turles?