Do you know Turles-kun?

There are many Saiyans, with lots and lots of fans, but very few are thought of even with fans. One of them, is Turles. Turles is a Saiyan, clearly by the way he's dressed. Maybe if people consdier on him more, he could be bigger than he seems.

Are YOU a Turles fan? Do YOU know fans think of him? Do YOU understand about this red hot sexy Saiyan? Well here you can find out. Just click and sit back as you start to learn, are YOU a true Turles-kun fan!

Created by: Kajune
  1. Where does Turles come from?
  2. What is Turles?
  3. What color hair does he have?
  4. What skin color does he have?
  5. Does he have a family?
  6. Does he have henchmen?
  7. If you answered yes in the previous question, how many does he have in total?
  8. Where was he born?
  9. What gender is he?
  10. What's his other name?
  11. What Movie is he from?
  12. What kills him?
  13. What number is the Movie he is from?
  14. Who does he almost fully look like?
  15. Does he wear a cape?
  16. What makes him stronger?
  17. How many fruits did he eat?
  18. When Turles came to Earth, who did he meet first?
  19. What can he do?
  20. What did Turles do to Gohan?
  21. When he died, what died along with him?
  22. Did Turles appear in Specials?
  23. If you answered yes in the previous question, which one is it?
  24. Which of these, is Turles'?
  25. What game, does Turles appear in first?
  26. What to fans consider Turles as?
  27. Last question, what is Turles compared to the Japanese dub of his voice?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Turles-kun?