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There are many fans of this show, but few are true fans. To be so you must have watched most of the episodes or movies. If you only played the game then I think you should watch the episodes as you will enjoy them!

Are YOU a true fan? Do you have enough knowledege to pass this quiz? Well the only way to find out is here to take this quiz and see what you are made of!

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  1. Who is really The Great Sayian Man?
  2. Who created the Androids?
  3. Who from these are equal in their powers?
  4. Who is Krilin's Wife?
  5. Who in these is equal to Pefect Cell?
  6. Name the Andriods created
  7. Gogeta is created when...
  8. Who is Goku's Uncle?
  9. Who is Vegeta's Wife?
  10. Cell was also called
  11. Who are Kid Buu's Brothers?
  12. Which one of these teams work for Cooler?
  13. What is Goku's real name?
  14. Who is Videl's husband?
  15. Who in here is not from the Ginyu Force?
  16. Who is the leader of the Armed Calvary?
  17. Who is the most powerful from the characters below
  18. Who's Piccolo's cousin
  19. Which one of these dragons is the 7th ball dragon
  20. When one of the evil dragons absorve the the dragonballs what deos he transform to?
  21. Who is 18's twin?
  22. What deos Master Roshi love?
  23. Goku is Raditz's older brother?
  24. Why did Majin Vegeta want to face Goku?
  25. Which girls are equal in power?
  26. Hercule is the strongest normal human?
  27. Who are the only people who transformed into Super Saiyan 3?
  28. How did Granpa Gohan Die?
  29. Vegeta once wore a pink shirt
  30. Did Future Trunks care if he killed 17&18 who were once nice teens and why?

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