Warrior cat love story (she-cats only)

Welcome to the warrior cats love story where you will experience toms following you at your heels and getting into your personal bubble (I hate that) ;) Anyway, who will you choose, will it be the brave and Outspoken Lionjay, or the kind and shy Snuffnose, or even the crazy and wild, but sweet too, Troutheart, pick wisely, everything you choose will affect your love life

Now, you are playing a young, Black and white she-cat named Emberpaw, she has no siblings and is the daughter of the late Ashstar and Stonewing, she is six moons old in the beginning and is an excited young cat

Created by: Moonstart212
  1. Waterstar looks at you with pride in her eyes, From this day forth till she earns her warrior name, this apprentice will be known as Emberpaw, your mentor will be Riverfeather. Riverfeather looks at you as you proudly as the two of you touch noses. You realize that you are his first apprentice. As he leads you out of camp two of the older apprentices, who are also your friends, Lionpaw and Snuffpaw, come up to you and say, congrats Emberpaw! Lionpaw seemed the loudest of the two while Snuffpaw looked at his paws sheepishly. You think......
  2. Once you and Riverfeather are out of camp he begins telling you about all the hunting moves he will be teaching you, you nod your head when he asks you if you were listening. Good, you will have to pay very close attention while your still my apprentice, no slacking off, you got that. Yes Riverfeather you reply full-heartedly. Good now- Troutpaw! Come back here, you hear a loud voice from beyond the trees, you see a muscly, tabby and white tom skidding down a large hill. He scrambles down and runs away giving you a wink before he disappears. WOW! You think, a tom winked at me, how weird they are. You shake your head and follow Riverfeather farther into the woods. He tells you about every important place that you pass. When you finally get to a stopping point, a loud noise comes from above you. You look up to see Snuffpaw falling through the air right above you! He land s on you with a thud. He looks at you and mutters sorry, you try to wriggle free but it looks like Snuffpaw is so exhausted that he won’t move. You see that he has broken his paw from the fall and you turn to tell Riverfeather and he goes to get help, you are so worried that you can’t breathe, you don’t know hat…
  3. Once help arrives yo u watch as Snuffpaw is carried back to camp by his father, Hollynose, and followed closely by the medicine cat, Heartember. You Stare worryingly as he disappears and hope that he is alright and turn back to your mentor, he flicks his tail and leads you back to camp. When you are back i camp, Riverfeather turns to you and tells you to go to the apprentices den and find a nest for yourself. You run into two she-cats as you enter the den. The smaller one turns to you and gives you a warm grin while the other turns away with a smirk on her face, you think...
  4. For moons later- Your clan cheers your warrior name, Embergaze! Embergaze! as you gaze proudly around at them, you turn to Waterstar and she nods, you head toward the camp entrance and begin your vigil. When It is finally over, Troutpaw, who is now Troutheart pads over to you and begins to lick your fur warm after your cold hard night, you....
  5. Two moons later- Troutheart, Lionjay, and Snuffnose approach you. Embergaze, we all kinda have crushes on you. Snuffnose tells you in a quit voice. You stare at the three awed. Who will you pick.
  6. To pass time by because i have lost ideas, i will ask you random questions Did you like this quiz
  7. Also i realized i made a cliffhanger what do you think about it
  8. Do you love WARRIOR CATS
  9. Do you like Ashfur, Brambleclaw, or Shrewpaw with Squirrelflight
  10. What rank are you

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