~~Warrior Cats: Love Story~~Part 2

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This is the next chapter in Dawnkit's life. We are focused on the two toms Snowkit and Oakkit. Oakkit is kind-hearted and Snowkit is fun-loving (I love warrior cats, if you didn't know already).

Who knows if the toms have a crush on young Dawnkit, you'll find out if you take this quiz! Will Dawnkit have a crush on any of the toms? Don't ask me, you'll decide! Enjoy!

Created by: Nightstream

  1. We left off when Crowstar announced the attack on GorseClan. Got it?
  2. "I will say now those who will come with me on the attack," Crowstar announced. "Thornheart, Whispersong, Appleflight, Sunpelt, Darkfang, Snakepaw, Lilypaw, Clovermist, Fallowclaw, Icefur, Firetail and Ivyfoot. Today, I would like all of you to sharpen your fighting skills. Brightsplash, will be in charge while I'm gone."
  3. "The clan meeting is dismissed," Crowstar leaped down from the hightree. Oakkit shot a worried glance at you. Snowkit followed Fallowclaw and began asking questions.
  4. *A day later* The sun was setting, the time for battle drew near. The clan was uneasy. Snowkit made his way to you. "Hi, Dawnkit. Aren't you excited for the battle?"
  5. Snowkit stared at you for a moment with his icy silver-blue eyes. "Well, I am. Someday I'll be fighting in battles. I can't wait for that day."
  6. Oakkit is listening to the elders telling stories. He invites you to sit with him.
  7. StoneClan returned from battle victorious that night. The medicine cat Maplestorm was busy with applying herbs and cobwebs to the injured cats. You went to bed beside your mother and littermates, dreaming of____________.
  8. *Many moons later* You have become an apprentice, your mentor Grassflight gave you an option to battle train with Snowpaw or hunt for herbs with Oakpaw (he's a medicine cat apprentice now). You chose...
  9. "Dawnpaw! Dawnpaw!" A black apprentice with one white paw, a long, white fluffy tail and amber eyes named Swiftpaw raced up to you, his eyes were wide with fright. "What is it?" you asked. "G-Gorsekit has gone missing! Lilywish asked me to watch her kits and I was helping Sunkit get a thorn out of his paw when I turned around Gorsekit was gone! I looked everywhere. Can you help me find him?" "Of course," you answered, "Let's check the..."
  10. Okay, I have to end this quiz early. I'll try to make the next quiz longer.

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