Don't leave me hanging part 32

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Welcome to the thirty-second part of my first story quiz! If you haven't already read the others, you might want to. Oh, I have to warn you. I was making a lot of this quiz late in the night, so some of the answers might be a tad bit more random/weird than normal.

Recap: Somehow, you managed to spend all the time left before midnight with a semi-drunk Blake. At first, he seemed jaded and bitter, but through some talking, the relationship and tension between the two of you improved, leading to a bit of a kissing session. When the clock struck twelve, you left to start phase two of the mission that brought you here in the first place.

Created by: xxblutixx
  1. You rush out the door, passing the grandfather clock on your way. The tick-tock sounds it makes seem to echo loudly in your ears, reminding you of the dwindling time. At the stairs, you hear noises below you, so you peek over the banister at the foyer. There's two people, a centaur with his back facing you and a girl with a yellow dress facing him. You recognize them as Owen and Emilia.
  2. "It was out of line," Owen's deep voice states, "I did what I thou-" He's cut off by Emilia's voice which is shrill from yelling, "Out of line, d**n right it was! That b**** flaunts everything and thinks she can just saunter up and steal my place. She tried getting into the meeting. She tried taking my seat. She tried hitting on every guy in the inner circle, every elite, and tried getting in their heads that I'M the wh***. What the he** do you think I'm going to do? Petra DESERVES to be BURNED alive like the witch she is!"
  3. "It's dangerous for you and everyone else, especially tonight. You know what risk there is tonight. Your fight with Petra could've waited-" Owen gets cut off again by Emilia. "Your fight with Petra could've waited," Emilia mocks Owen with a high-pitched voice, "Do you even care about ME? All you're saying is the mission this, the mission that, blah blah blah. What about my place in Blake's team? Don't you think it's dangerous for me to lose that? Don't you think giving a spiteful little b**** like that time to plot my demise is more dangerous than reminding her not to mess with me? I thought you actually cared about me."
  4. "Look, Emmy, I do. I don't want you to get hurt or in trouble. That could end up the same way or worse. That's why I had to separate you two," Owen replies. Emilia scoffs, "Prove it." "I don't know what you want me to prove, Emilia. I've told you time and time again that I do love you, and I know you know it," Owen says, sounding beaten down. "Do I? Maybe you don't care about me as much as you say you do; I heard you 'went on a walk with ________'. You brought her to your place in the woods didn't you? The one you always say you'll show me eventually? I don't even want to see some grass in some dark forest, but you thought you'd show ______ before me? I don't want you to mess up the rest of this night for me, so save your begging for tomorrow. I might just consider it." With that remark, Emilia walks off to the ballroom, ignoring Owen calling her back.
  5. You've been crouched, frozen, at the top of the stairs, watching their argument, unwilling to walk into it, yet unwilling to walk away. It'll be a little awkward to go down there with Owen now that you've just seen that argument, so you decide to wait until he moves away... but he doesn't move an inch, and time is ticking again. Besides, you and him shouldn't be anywhere near the necklace when Lacey and Kris come, which could be any second now, because if they trip some alarm, you'll all be caught, which is especially bad in Owen's case as he'll be probably be punished for being undercover.
  6. You hurry down the stairs and whisper-yell forcibly, "Owen!" He turns to look at you slowly. "What's up?" he asks in almost a sigh of a tone. "We have to get out of here, don't you remember? The time," you remind him as you speed-walk across the foyer. "Oh, right," he replies and zombie-like, follows you down the hallway. Before you enter the ballroom though, you turn to face him and ask, "Owen, are you okay?" "Yeah, yeah sure," he says, adding a noticibly fake optimistic tone to his voice. "You're sure about that?" you say skeptically. He sighs, "You heard, didn't you?" "Only the end, but you know, tonight's very stressful for her, perhaps she'll be more agreeable tomorrow when this is all done?" you suggest, even though you strongly disapprove of Owen going back to Emilia when she so obviously treated him rudely.
  7. "Maybe," Owen says, sounding disbelieving, "But never mind that, I won't let it affect our purpose here. Thanks for trying to cheer me up anyway. Jack's right; you're really sweet." He gives you a hug before entering the ballroom and melding into the crowd. You're about to follow him when you hear the high-pitched shriek of metal, and a door down the hallway is ripped off of its hinges.
  8. There's a thump sound as if the door was thrown onto the ground, and that same black-haired girl in the purple silk dress that you've seen so many times this night comes storming out. You press yourself against the wall to avoid getting in her way at the last minute, and it's a good thing you did because as she passes you, one of her silver wings flares out in her agitation and would've smacked you in the face if you hadn't moved. You can hear her muttering, "F*** it. F***ing Jack thinks he can parade on back and set things his way? Why the f*** can't he just stay out? He should've stayed dead!"
  9. Hearing Jack's name piques your interest. Sure there could be another guy named Jack here; with more than 300 people here, it was more than likely, but you want to check because, afterall, that is the same girl who ran into him earlier. If it turns out not to be him, you could probably come up with a convincing enough lie or hope that they're drunk enough to confuse easily.
  10. Peeking into the doorway, you see Jack sitting on the edge of a bed, with his mask next to him, massaging the temple of his head as if he has a headache. The door to the room is on the floor by his feet. You enter the room and stand by him. "Hey, did you see the time?" you ask, deciding to forego questioning on what just happened in favor of the more immediate problem.
  11. "Yeah, I did," he says, sounding world-weary and tired, "Don't stress about it. We won't be going home until at least half an hour from now; these things take time." Great. All this time you've been building up anxiety for being late, meanwhile, midnight was just the start time for Kris and Lacey; your time will probably be a while from now. You sit down next to Jack, and, before you can stop yourself, you blurt out, "Are you okay?"
  12. He smiles slightly, "Cutting to the chase, it doesn't waste time. I won't waste time either by saying 'I'm good' when I'm really not. I just had an unpleasant reminder of my days in Blake's team." "Did it have anything to do with that girl? I saw she ran into you before, and I kind of heard her muttering when she left the room," you admit. "What'd she say?" he asks, and, when you tell him, he chuckles, "I guess I kind of deserve that." "Why? Who is she?" you ask, your curiousity re-awakened. "It's a long story," Jack begins, "But I guess we have nothing better to do while we wait, so I'll tell you."
  13. "When Blake's group first began, Vixla, that girl you saw, Blake, and I were like the leaders of the group, even though it really was only made up of us, Logan, and a couple others. Anyway, we did so many things together that Blake became like a brother to me, and Vixla, was like another sister. I don't know when it was when I realized that I was beginning to like her more than a sister, but as life would have it, apparently Blake did too. She... I still don't know what she thought about it or if she was even aware. The three of us continued as friends, nothing more, though I could feel the tension sometimes between us, and we were a lot less close.
  14. "The morning of the day I left, I had gotten into a fight with Blake. That's when I lost my wing. Vixla tended to the injury and told me off for getting on Blake's bad side when he was already irritable. She also made me promise to stay in Blake's group and visit her the next day as proof, but that was the last time I saw her, and obviously I fufilled neither promise. Also, she thought I was dead, and since I'm not, she probably blames me for leaving her to deal with a not-so-pleasant Blake by herself."
  15. "Well, it's not your fault. You had a right to leave whenever you wanted, and obviously, things weren't going so well with you and Blake," you comment. He smiles wanly, "I already told you how sweet you are, didn't I, _______? You really are. You've always forgiven me unconditionally." "Maybe because there isn't anything for me to forgive. I can't hold things against you that happened before I knew you. That would be unfair judging," you tell him. "Whatever it is, I appreciate it. I wish I could just leave all this behind. I let it go a long time ago, but it just refuses to go away." he says, still with that same tired and sad smile.
  16. You don't want to see him like this, so you hug him. "Did I ever tell you that you take too much responsibility on yourself?" you ask him. He laughs, wrapping his own arms around you, "No, but that's a problem, isn't it?" You nod, "You can't fix everything, no matter how good you are at it. "You're smart enough that you could take over the team from me," he jokes. "I couldn't, you know that," you stick a tongue out at him, "Besides, you've done a good job of running a team." "Now you're praising me? How lucky did we get that the Milia is such a sweet, kind person?" he says, kissing the tip of your nose.
  17. Hugging him like this, your curiousity again rises about his wings. You reach a hand out to touch the right wing, the one that shouldn't be there, but your hand passes through it. It's an illusion. Jack notices, "Lacey fashioned it for me so that I stick out less. How good of a job do you think she did?" "She did really well," you say, "I couldn't tell the difference until my hand sunk through it." "Yeah, that's kind of unavoidable. It's how Vixla figured out it was me," he explains. You're about to reply when you feel someone try to enter your mind. Instinctively, you allow them to enter.
  18. In your mind, you see a bedroom with plain, but warm, tan-colored walls. In fact, most of the room looks cream and tan like the wooden bed and bookshelves except for the dark blue carpet, dark blue and white bedspread, and the large magnet board filled with all sorts of colored paper and magnets. You know whose this is...
  19. It's Justin's. You can see snow outside, and a calendar on his magnet board that tells you the date is February 3. You remember this day; it was when you and Stella were at Justin's house, but had to end up sleeping over because of a crazy snowstorm outside. As soon as you realize this, you see him sitting at the swivel chair by his desk as if he's always been there. He turns to face you and smiles, "Hey, _______, can you believe it? It actually worked for me. I've been trying to contact you for such a long time; I didn't think it would happen again." "Oh, Justin! Nice," you smile. "My bedroom? That's different than last time, I feel violated," he jokes.
  20. You laugh, "Like I haven't been in here before. So, what's up?" "You know the time, right?" he asks, and, when you nod, he continues, "Emilia just stopped by the bar. She talked with Kris and Kalia, so she's organizing where people should be so that it's easier for the pass-offs to happen. You're supposed be the first hand-off and meet Kris and Lacey in the foyer."
  21. "I just came from there, twice!" you exclaim. "Sorry, I just got the message now. I would've told you earlier if I had known," Justin says, looking at you apolegetically. "It's not your fault. I guess I better get going then," you sigh. He hugs you, "Good luck, keep me updated; I have to stay at this bar until the party's over, and, according to Emilia, that's not going to happen until mid-morning if I'm lucky." "Aw, well I'll try to keep you sane then," you hug him back and laugh, "See you tomorrow I guess."
  22. You end the communication and become aware of your actual surroundings again. Actually, most of all you can see is Jack's hand waving in front of your face. You grab his wrist and move it away from your face. "Are you okay, ______? You've been unresponsive for the past 5 minutes," he says worriedly. "Oh, I was talking to Justin," you explain. He looks confused for a second, but then touches the side of his side and realizes, "Oh, in your mind. I forgot about that. How come you haven't been utilizing it tonight?"
  23. You don't want to say that you were too busy kissing Blake, even though that's kind of true, and saying that you forgot is kind of a lame excuse, so you just say that you're hesitant to use it because you're not quite sure how to work it yet. Jack nods in understanding, "Remind me to help you with that when we get back. That could be an invaluable skill to have, and I have a feeling that it has something to do with your Milia identity."
  24. "Okay," you agree, "Anyway, Justin just told me that Emilia is setting up positions, and that I need to get to mine because I'll be first." "Okay, good luck. The earliest we should see each other next is at the park for a mission accomplished, agreed?" he asks. You nod, "Agreed." He smiles and kisses your forehead, "See you there." With that, you leave the room and go back where you came from, to the foyer. Besides the echo of the music from the ballroom, all is quiet.
  25. It's void of people too. The feeling of uncertainty starts to build in the pit of your stomach. Nevertheless, you step into the room and go up to the pedestal. The necklace looks untouched. Is is because they haven't gotten here yet or has the switch already happened? Did Justin give you the right information or did he forget some detail like time or something? You're about to try to contact him again when something sets off your enhanced senses.
  26. Rather than a smell or a noise, it's actually more of a sixth sense; it's just this feeling you have that something isn't right. That feeling makes you feel like you have goosebumps all over, and you feel a sort of prickling feeling at the base of your neck. Your 5 standard senses turn to high alert, so, when a voice speaks behind you, it nearly scares the living wits out of you. "Finally, you've decided to join us..."
  27. You spin around. With the limited lighting, it's hard to see many details. There seems to be 3 people standing in the corner of the room. The one farthest away from you looks like a girl with dark, waist-length hair. Since she's most in the dark, you can hardly even tell that she's there. The golden accents of her mask and bracelet, however, glint in the limited light, and large dark red flowers clearly define the edge of her mask. The only other details you can pick out about her is that she's wearing a long red dress and that something is on the floor next to her.
  28. The other two people are moving forward toward you, but they walk really close together, one behind the other, and jerkily. It makes you think of the way people walk when they're competing in a three-legged race which would be funny if you hadn't recognized one of the people as Quincy. The paleness of his white-blond hair seems to glow white in the darkness, especially in comparison to the darkness of the person in front of him. All you can see of that person right now is that something around their neck gleams silver like a piece of expensive jewelry.
  29. When they come closer, however, you quickly realize the error of your assumption. It's not a necklace after all. It's a knife. You're no expert in knives, but you can tell this one isn't normal. It's the rough size of a dagger, is made of some type of silvery-white metal that shines with a otherworldly light, and is pressed against the throat of the person closest to you.
  30. It isn't any particular feature of the knife that suddenly implants anxiety into you though. Rather, it's whose throat the knife is pressed against. From far away, you couldn't tell who the victim was, but now, as close as they are, it's undeniable. Kris.
  31. Cliffhangerrr... What are you thinking? (AKA who do you like?)

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