Royalty Seasons and Love 10

Yeah, so it's like midnight so no one is gonna want to take this, but wahtever I'm gonna publish it anyway. I love making these quizzes now! They are fun!

Yeah....I won'd know what to put here exactly....blah lalalalalalalalalalalalalala. "Moo!" says the cat. "Bah!" says the fish. "Car!" says the worm.

Created by: LinxLady

  1. Ok so Edward disappeared with Linna (your fault) and Patrick took you to his Kingdom and is going to show you something...
  2. You follow Patrick through the beautiful gardens as he leads you by the hand. You favorite flower is....
  3. He turns to you and takes your hands in his. He smells like wildflowers. "I want you to close your eyes." he says and you do. You feel him leading you somewhere.....
  4. You stop. "Open your eyes" he tells you. You open them and gasp. You are in the center of four walls of green leaves and ivy. There is no door, only the blue sky high above. In the center stood four sculptures of flowers. Looking closer, you see that they are all sculptures of the boys!
  5. "Patrick, what are these?" you ask. "Sculptures..." he says evasively. "I can see that, but why?" you ask. You are staring intently at the sculpture of....
  6. "Oh." he replies nervously. "I made them." "You MADE them?" you say incredulously. "They're amazing!" He blushes. "Yeah, well, I just needed something to do after....." he trails off and looks very sad.
  7. "What happened?" you ask. He shakes his head, obviously not willing to share. He points to Edward's sculpture. "I'm sure you've heard Edward play." he says. You nod. "I made each one of us playing an instrument that we play in real life." "So you play the violin?" you ask. He blushes and you laugh. Why do you laugh?
  8. "Anyway," he continues, changing the subject, "these sculptures are hidden." "What do you mean?" you ask. "I mean that you aren't seeing the real sculpture. They are hidden by a powerful Shield. It hides the true appearance of things. Since a Shield is a trick of the eyes, light, and air, it is easy for you, me or Linna to manipulate, or see through a Shield."
  9. "This is your training. I want you to see through the Shield I've put up." "How?" you say. "Same way you do anything else. Think of something, anything." His eyes get very sad again. "I always think of someone I love......loved very much." You concentrate very hard. You think of....
  10. Suddenly, you see the flower melting away on three of the sculptures. You see the real forms, but the images keep flickering, threatening to vanish. Which one do you notice the most before they disappear?
  11. "wow...."you say in wonder. Patrick smiles radiently. "Cool, right?" he laughs. Then, suddenly, his face falls. You see the sadness almost overtake him. "You have a lot of talent. I've only seen that kind of talent in one other person...."
  12. A violin appears in his hands out of nowhere. "Can I play for you?" he asks with all the hopefulness of a small child. "Please?" You can't resist his begging eyes, so you say yes. He smiles and closes his eyes. he softly begins to play "Wandering Child".
  13. You are filled with warnth as you listen to the song. You feel small beams of light penetrate through the tips of your fingers. You smile and bask in the glow of the radience of your light combined with his beautiful music. Then, he stops playing. You open your eyes and see Ptrick weeping softly into his hands, on his knees.
  14. You find yourself crying as you fall on your knees beside him. You rub his back gently and try to comfort him, but he won't stop crying.
  15. He lifts his head. His face is streaked with tears, his eyes full of agony. "She was my sister." he cries. "Who was?" "Jessica." he replies. "She was my twin. We used to do evrything together. She had the power of the light too. She was beautiful and funny and, everything. My brothers and I loved her so much...."
  16. "The thing is," Patrick continued, "Is that Edward used to be engaged to Linna." Your eyes go wide with shock.
  17. "Jessica never trusted her, especially because she had the power of darkness. Then, Jessuca told me that she had uncovered all of Linna's secrets, secrets that would tear our family apart at the seams. She couldn't tell me, she had to tell Edward first. I never found out what those secrets were, but I know that's why Edward and Reis hate each other." You gulp and ask, "Why did you never find out?"
  18. A single, glistening tears rolls down Patrick's cheek. "She was murdered the night after she told Edward. Stabbed in her sleep." He looks sadly at you. "I never got to say goodbye. I never got to tell her how much I loved her. She was a part of me, and now that part is missing" He looks back at the ground. "And the worst part is, I have to live every day with the memory of her magled body in my mind. It wasn't hard to guess who had planned the murder. Obviously it was Linna, for it was her dagger and she disappeared the next day. But, it wasn't she who stabbed Jessica. I caught the muderer just before he could escape. I saw his face, I knew his name, I couldn't believe it."
  19. Patrick looks at you in the eyes. "Do you really want to know who it was? It may change everything you've ever thought about us...." You nod cautiously.
  20. Patrick sighs and whispers, "My sister's killer was Ian."
  21. Before you can respond, a wave of heat washes over you. You close your eyes as you grow dizzy. When you open them again, Reis is catching you to keep you from falling. "Whoa there!" he laughs. Then, he sees your expression and he sobers. "What happened?"
  22. That's all for now! This one kinda took a logn time too, but oh well. It's pretty long, and I hope you liked the Ian surprise! Comment and rate if you can and give me any ideas or song requests if you have them!

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