Are you really in love?

LALALALALA. You are about to take my wonderful, beautiful, wonderful (wait, I already said that) quiz about penguins- ... I mean, about being in love. And what is love? Well, if Christofer Drew doesn't know, neither do I.

So, are you in love??? I am, but that's beside the point. Take my wonderful, beautiful, wonderful quiz to find out. And then, if you aren't in love, then you'll probably fall in ove with thid quiz, or the cat that lives across the street from you. (You're more likely to fall in love with the cat.)

Created by: xxDieForLovexx

  1. Do you love your love interest with a PASSION, or do you just think they're cute?
  2. Would you do ANYTHING for your crush if they asked you to?
  3. Would you change yourself for them?
  4. Would you ever reveal your feelings for them?
  5. What are your thoughts on love?
  6. Are you love drunk?
  7. Have you had expiriences wih LUUURVE before?
  8. What do you think love is all about?
  9. Do you think people love with their hearts? (I think people love with their belly buttons)
  10. Now that this is the last question, what do you plan to do after you finish this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I really in love?