Are you phychic?

Phychic powers are a gift! there are many like premonitions telekenisis, Telekenetic, Pyrokenetic,Levitation and such, Take this quiz to find out if you harness one of these powers!

Are you Phychic? Can you see in to the future? do you need training? or are you already a master? Are you taking this quiz for the fun of it? take this quiz to find out! :)

Created by: Midna

  1. Do you belive in Phychic stuff?
  2. have you ever known what someone was about to say next?
  3. Have you ever seen something out of the corner of your eye and turn around and it is not there?
  4. Do you know anyone Phychic?
  5. You think of a person and then that person rings you?
  6. Do you own a oujia board?
  7. Do you own sybol cards or rune stones?
  8. Do you know what you are going to get in this quiz already?
  9. If yes How?
  10. This Quiz:
  11. Oh yeah, one more thing! Can you do any of the following:

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Quiz topic: Am I phychic?