Absorbers (part 4)

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I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. Could someone please tell me who said that? And I suggest going back and reading the last chapter, and just a heads up: it might get a little confusing in the question nine thing, so sorry about that, but just go with it. Thank you for reading, and please tell me what you though :). Thanks. ~Meg.

Jingle bells don't moo, they quack!! SilverNote13: Thank you :). I'm glad you loved it. And thank you for commenting :).

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. Kaylee: My eyes flashed open, and I took a deep breath, thankful for the clean air. My hand reached out and grabbed a cold metal bar. "Hey, you doing alright?" I heard Jason ask me and I sat up. I was in the infirmary, and Jason was sitting on a chair next to my bed. "We have to get to Rose." I quickly said as I remembered my dream. "We heard you calling out. We have people already going to the school." Jason informed me. "There's a girl with short blonde hair. She went into the building and reached Rose first. And Rose seemed to recognize her because she gave the girl a hug." I recalled my dream. "Was Rose in danger?" He asked and I gave him a confused look. "Yeah, isn't that why you sent people there? The school's on fire. I think the short haired girl saved her, but I don't know because I woke up." I replied. "Well, we didn't know that the school is on fire." He said. "We have to get there. Bend your knees." I told Jason and then leaned over and grabbed his hand. Shadows swirled around us, and we landed across the street from Rose's school, which was burning brightly. The girl with blonde hair looked like she came from the sky because she just appeared out of nowhere. "There she is!" I pointed at her as she ran inside the building. "Should we follow her?" Jason asked.
  2. "No. She'll get Rose out, and then we can confront her then. Let's just hope they both come out safely." I said and realized that we were still holding hands, but I didn't care. A Shade's car pulled up, and I saw Skye quickly get out of the car. "Where's Rose?" He asked us, which made me confused because he's a Shade now, so why isn't he trying to kill us? Did he get the other part of his soul back? "She's in the building. Someone went in to get her." I quickly told him and then it looked like a small part of the side of the school fell. Rose came running out, but the short haired girl didn't. "There's a girl in there," I started thinking out loud, "she went to go get Rose, but I think she's in trouble." Skye nodded his head and then ran inside the school, slipping pass the fire and police men. "Kaylee!" I heard Rose call and I ran up to meet her. "I'm so glad you're okay." I said, kneeling down and giving her a hug. "Kelly saved me." Ross told me. "What? Kelly's dead, Rose." I said. "No she's not. She was in my school. She looks different though. Her hair is a lot shorter, and it's not black anymore." She informed me. "But it can't be her. She would've come back." I said and then I saw the girl sprinting towards the trees with Skye right behind her. She jumped on the side of a tree and shot into the sky, but was then stopped and pulled back down to the ground. "That can't be Kelly. Kelly can't fly." I said more to myself than to Rose. "But I saw her face." Rose protested. "Then how does she know how to fly?" I asked. "Maybe something happened to her in the Afterlife. It would explain why she hasn't come back to the house." Jason said. "No. She still would've came back. Come on, let's leave." I said. Before they could say anything else, I grabbed both of their hands and willed the shadows to take us back to the house.
  3. As soon as we landed in front of the house, I immediately walked through the front door. "Where are you going?" Jason called after me. "I have something I need to take care of." I told him and then I heard footsteps following me. "What do you need to take care of?" He asked. "It's complicated." I said, hoping that he would drop it, but he didn't. "How so?" He asked, matching my quick pace. "Because it just is. It's difficult to explain." I said, and then sprinted at the door at the end of the hallway. As I was about to slam into it, shadows appeared in front of me, and I entered my Shadow Realm. It was sort of like my way to escape the craziness going on in the world. If someone were to first come here, they would probably think it was really creepy because in order to get here, you have to go through what I like to call the Haunting Forest. It was night all the time and it always showed a full moon. The trees were bare and crows would caw every once in a while from them. You would see eyes from behind the bushes, and hear growling noises, but you could never tell what was behind them because they would never show themselves, making you go insane from wondering what was trying to get you. The Haunting Forest was perfectly harmless though, but only if you knew how to make your way through it. I think it was designed to drive people mad. I took a step forward, and my heel stepped on a rock, making a clicking noise, and reminding me that I wasn't wearing the same clothes as I was back in the normal world. I had on a long sleeve, floor length, black dress that had dark blue on the bottom and it showed my shoulders and a little bit of my chest too. I was also wearing black high heels and a crystal crown. Picking up a handful of my dress, I began to make my way out of the Haunting Forest and towards the castle.
  4. "My lady." A spirit said, bowing when she saw me. I gave her a small nod and a gentle smile in return. "Have the Shades arrived at the castle yet?" I asked her. "They're making their way now." She replied. "Good. Thank you." I continued walking towards the castle's doors, spirits bowing as I past them. I would make Shades come here sometimes through the black wall. When that happened, it set off an alarm to the guards at the castle, and they would come and find them at in the Haunting Forest. I don't know how the whole alarm thing works though. Guards opened the front doors, letting me in. My heels clicked on the stone as I made my way to the throne room. "Your Highness." A servant bowed when I walked past. No matter how many times I told them to not bow and to call me Kaylee, they wouldn't listen. "What is the meaning of all of this?" I could hear one of the Shades yelling as I neared the room. "It's quiet simple really. You'll all have your souls back." I explained as I quickly walked in front of the six Shades. They were all kneeling on the ground with their hands tied behind their backs. "How can you find our souls?" A girl smirked at me. "It's complicated." I said and then stared deep into her eyes until I reached her soul. There, I found out that the good part of her soul is attached to her. "What are you doing?" She asked and then I noticed a blue vial hanging around her neck. I grabbed it and stared at it for a moment. Inside it, I could see a scene unfolding. I saw the girl running through a meadow and laughing. A boy was with her, hand-in-hand, and he was smiling down at her.
  5. "Give that back." The girl demanded, snapping me out of my trance. "Why would you ever want to have happiness taken away from you?" I asked her. "It's not happiness it's pain. That's why most of us switch." She told me. "So, you couldn't handle getting your feelings hurt, so you decided to take them out of you?" I asked, still holding the vial. "Why do you think Skye switched?" She retorted, knowing very well that she struck a cord. "Smash the vials." I ordered the guards and they obeyed. The souls swirled back inside their owners and then the guards untied their hands. I flicked my wrist and a guy appeared next to me. The same one that I saw the girl with. "Amelia." He breathed and she looked up at him. When she recognized who he was, she started crying, and got up to hug him. "Thank you." She told me and I nodded in response. "Skye found out where your house is located and he's planning on taking it down by himself, but I think he'll bring Savannah." Amelia told me after she detached herself from the guy. "When?" I asked and she shrugged. "I think he's headed there now." She responded. "Thanks." I said and then made the black wall appear in front of me, and walked through it. I was in the hallway where I was when I entered the Realm. I was back in the clothes that I was wearing before I walked between worlds. Jason was leaning against the wall next to me, staring at me as I stepped out of the shadows. "What?" I defensively said. "Rose said that you went this way." Jason said and followed me as I started walking towards the front door.
  6. "Uh, yeah. You were with me, remember?" I said, confused. "Yeah, but then I went to do something, and when I came back, I asked Rose if you've come back yet, and she said no." Jason explained. "Okay, whatever. Skye and possibly Savannah are on their way to the house. We should get the Teleporters to change its location." I told Jason and he nodded in response. "Sounds like a plan." He said and we turned the opposite directions. "Oh wait, Savannah." I said, turning around, and Jason turned around to look at me. "You really aren't good at this." I smiled and she changed back into her normal self. "It doesn't matter," she smirked, "because Skye's behind you." Just then, I felt strong hands wrap around me, and a rag was shoved into my face. I held my breath and concentrated on making the shadow wall underneath me. It worked and we fell through. I landed on top of Skye, who landed on a rock (which probably wasn't a lot of fun for him). I, thankfully, wasn't in my dress, and I was in the clothes that I was wearing in the normal world. I quickly hopped to my feet, allowing Skye to stand up. "I see you've gotten stronger." He said while cracking his neck. "Why did you come to the house?" I asked, ignoring his comment.
  7. "I wanted you to tell me where Kelly is." He replied. "So you decided to try and drug me?" I yelled. "Yes. I was going to bring you back to the castle where I could question you on who she knows, so I might get an idea of where she is." Skye bluntly said. "Why do you care anyways? That part of your soul is gone." I pointed out. "That doesn't mean I don't think about her." That response caught me a little off guard. "Well, we're both out of luck because I don't know where she is." I confessed. "But I think I know where to start. My father had a vision of a girl with short blonde hair, but she escaped before I could get to her. Fortunately for me, she dropped this." He reached into his pocket and handed me a black napkin with the words "Sun Dragon" written on it in gold. "What's the Sun Dragon?" I asked. "It's a restaurant about an hour from here. I think that girl works there." Skye informed me. "Okay, then why don't you go there yourself?" I asked. "Because you're the only one who might know who this girl is." He answered.
  8. "Fine," I sighed, "but Jason is coming with us." "Why?" He asked. "Because if the girl does know something, then Jason can Manipulate her into telling us." I told him. "Alright. We leave tomorrow." He said and I agreed, making the shadow wall appear in front of us. "Stop." I said as soon as Skye and I entered the hallway. The scene in front of us was Savannah pinned against the wall by Trevor, who was about to punch her. At the sound of my command, they both turned their heads at me, confused. "Go get Jason." I commanded Trevor. "But-," he started to protest. "Now." I demanded, and he reluctantly obeyed. "Well, I never thought you'd stop someone from hitting me." Savannah said. "You thought wrong." I glared at her. In return, she smirked and leaned against the wall. We waited in silence until Jason came into the hallway. "What's going on?" He asked, cautiously walking towards us. "We're going to go find someone who might have some information on where Kelly might be." I told him. "And you trust them?" He pointed to Skye and Savannah. "No, of course not. But we have one thing in common: finding Kelly. So why not work together?" I replied. "Okay, fine. But we leave in the morning." Jason said. "Sounds good to me." Savannah said.
  9. Cliffhanger!!
  10. It's 2:00AM here, so I apologize if some of the description paragraphs and results don't make any sense. I'd also like to apologize for getting this out really late: I have a lot of stuff going on, but I'm almost done with the next chapter, so that's good news, right? Anyways, thank you for reading. Please tell me what you thought, and even leave suggestions if you want. I hope you all have a good day/night. Bye :). ~Meg.

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