The Curse Forgotten (part 5)

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I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. So, it's been a while, huh? Super sorry about that. If you don't remember what happened, then I suggest you go back and skim through the other chapters. Thanks for reading. Enjoy. ~Meg.

Jingle bells don't moo, they quack!! Mistyheart13: We should have a celebration because of it!! :D. SilverNote13: right now :P. I posted this chapter right now. Thanks for commenting, guys :).

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. "Shh. Don't make too much noise." Jen hissed at Jordyn when Jordyn started giggling because Dean's head hit a rock. "Sorry." Jo whispered. We were dragging Dean, Chris, and Dylan from their sleeping bags towards a makeshift raft that I quickly had to make out of branches. The sleeping pills knocked them out, but there was still a chance that they could wake up. "Do you think the raft will hold them?" Jordyn asked as soon as we finished dragging their bodies. "Well, there's only one way to find out." I said and we began to lift them onto the raft just as the sun started to rise. When they were somewhat secure, we pushed them out onto the lake, and Jen ran back to get the air horns. "Ready?" I asked as all three of us took an air horn. "Now!" Jen said and we all pressed down on the pipe, causing it to make that loud, high-pitched sound. The boys jumped awake, making the raft tilt, which made all of them fall into the water. They flailed for a couple of seconds until they realized where they were. "Good morning!" I yelled at them and waved my hand in a sarcastic-like greeting. "Should we run and hide?" Jordyn asked when all of the guys started to furiously swim towards us.
  2. "Probably." I replied and we ran towards the trees. "Where do we go?" Jen asked when we entered the forest. "Follow me." I said and I led them through a series of turns around trees and bushes. "Are you sure you know how to get back?" Jo asked. "Did I say that I did?" I innocently questioned. "So, we're lost now? Great. Now coyotes are going to come out and eat us. And then bugs will begin to eat the rest of our skin that the coyotes didn't eat." She rambled and I saw Jen roll her eyes. "We'll be fine." Jen assured her. "Besides, do you really want to turn around and face the guys?" I asked. "Not really." Jordyn agreed. "Good. Then we keep moving." I told her and then we walked onto a clearing. "Great." Jordyn sarcastically said. "Now what?" "Well, we can just sit here and wait to see if they show up." I suggested. "And what do we do if they do show up?" She asked. "Then we knock them out and continue to go deeper into the woods." Jen smiled and then sat down in the center. "We can't knock them out. We're not strong enough." Jordyn protested and I heard a twig break. "Sh! Someone's coming." I whispered and we all stayed very still.
  3. "I'm telling you, Percy: she's here. I saw her yesterday." A voice said as they walked towards us. "Then why hasn't she come back yet?" Another voice said. Both voices were male. "I don't think she remembers anything." The first voice said and then they both walked into the clearing. One was the guy that I met yesterday-Jason-, and the other had black hair and really pretty deep green eyes. I assumed he was Percy. They both seemed really surprised and Percy was just standing there, staring at me like he was in shock. "Uh, hi." I uncomfortably said. Before any of them could respond, we heard what sounded like an army crashing through the trees, coming towards us. "We should go, right?" Jordyn asked, but before we could move, Chris, Dean, and Dylan entered the clearing, soaking wet. Dylan, Percy, and Jason shared a look, and then it looked like Dylan slightly shook his head. "I think we win." I announced. "For now," Chris said, "but we'll get you guys back." "Who are they?" Dean pointed to Percy and Jason. "I'm Jason and this is Percy. We were just taking a walk." Jason explained. "Do you guys happen to know how to get back?" Jen asked them. "Uh, yeah. We do, actually." Percy said. "Well," Jen stood up, "lead the way." We followed Percy and Jason through the woods in silence, until I couldn't take it anymore. "So, what brings you to this place?" I asked them. "We're celebrating." Percy replied. "Celebrating what?" I asked. "The death of someone very evil." Jason answered, and I just nodded my head, even though they couldn't see me because I was behind them.
  4. "So, what are your names?" Percy asked, and we all introduced ourselves. "What brings you guys to this place?" He asked. "We come here once every six months to celebrate our friendship." I replied and then we made it back to the lake. The only problem was that we were on the opposite side, where the large cabin is. "Hey, Percy and Jason! Holy cow, you found her?" A guy, that had the same eyes and hair as me, shouted from one of the second story windows. "No, Will! Do not say anything else!" Percy shouted back at him. "Why not? I think I deserve to talk to my long lost half-sister." Will said. "Not right now you don't. Did Piper not tell you?" Percy asked. "No. What was she suppose to tell me?" Will asked. "Go find her and ask." Percy replied and then Will stuck his head back inside. "What was that all about?" Jordyn asked. "Nothing. Would you like to come in and eat something?" Jason invited us. "That depends. Will the food have sleeping pills in them?" Dean asked, which got him a confused look from both Jason and Percy. "Why on earth would the food have sleeping pills in them? What would be the point?" A voice coming from the door asked. Standing in the doorway was a girl with blonde hair and stormy grey eyes. She was wearing shorts and a blue tank-top with an owl on it. She seemed very familiar.
  5. "Ask them." Dean pointed to Jen, Jo, and me. "Yes, we would like to eat something." I said and we all walked into the cabin. The girl introduced herself as Annabeth. On the couch, there were two boys, who looked like brothers, and they were both eating cereal while watching the news. When they saw us, it looked like they were about to say something, but Percy cut them off. "Travis, Connor, this is Megan, Dean, Chris, Jordyn, Dylan, and Jen. They're camping on the other side of the lake." Percy introduced us and Travis and Connor introduced who was who. "They're coming!" Someone upstairs suddenly screeched, and I heard footsteps thudding down the stairs. A girl with blonde hair and piercing brown eyes came into view. "Percy, Jason! We need to wake everyone up. There are about fifty monsters coming. We should've known that we'd attract too many. What were we thinking?" The girl quickly said, almost too fast for me to understand. "Tara, slow down. Where are they coming from?" Percy asked and then Tara gave me a nervous glance before replying. "They just came into view out front." She explained and Percy nodded his head. "Travis, go wake the Greeks. Connor, wake the Romans." Percy demanded and they dropped their cereal and ran upstairs. "Woah, what's happening?" Chris asked. "It'd be wise if all of you went into the basement." Annabeth told us. "I'll show them where it is." A voice from the bottom of the stairs said, and I noticed that it was the girl that I met yesterday: Piper.
  6. "Follow me." She said and we followed her to a door, which I assumed was where the basement was. We walked down in pitch black darkness until Piper turned on a light at the bottom of the stairs. It wasn't very big. It had an orange couch and three purple beanbag chairs. On the far wall, there was what looked like a shrine to someone. On the table, there were four bronze knives and a gold sword. There were candles on each side of table that burned brightly. Right above the table, on the center of the wall, there was a golden necklace that had a golden sun and bow and arrow on it. Around the necklace on shelves, there was a golden circlet, and what looked like golden arm rings.
  7. "What's this for?" I asked Piper, nodding towards the wall with the items on it. "That is for a friend that we lost." Piper replied. "Lost? So, you don't know if your friend is dead or not?" I asked. "It appears that she's dead." She replied, and I left it at that. "Okay, can someone please tell me what's happening?" Jordyn asked when the basement shook from what sounded like an explosion. "Piper!" A voice upstairs yelled and Piper quickly hurried up the stairs. "Are we going to die? I feel like we're going to die." Jordyn started rambling. She rambles when she's nervous or worried. "We're not going to die. It's probably just some construction workers drilling into the ground." Dean said. "Then why are we in the basement? Oh my god. Did they put us down here so they can murder us?" Jo's eyes went big, which means that she's panicking even more, so I tuned her out.
  8. I walked over to the shrine, and started looking at all of the weapons. I don't know why, but I felt drawn to them. There were letters written on them in a different language, but I didn't know which. There was yelling upstairs, which snapped me out of my trance. Footsteps sounded all around us, and Jordyn thankfully stayed very quiet. The basement door ripped open and what looked like soldiers poured down the stairs, their guns pointed at us. Jordyn looked a little relieved, Jen appeared a bit confused, and Chris and Dean just put their hands up. Dylan's expression surprised me the most. He seemed scared, yet it looked like he was about to go fight them. I backed up, which made me hit the shrine, making the table wobble. I instantly put my hand on it to steady it, and my hand touched one of the knives. With my hand still on the knife, I turned around and saw horrible creatures with horns and fangs. Some of them had weapons such as daggers or swords, but most of them weren't holding anything. I gasped in surprise and took my hand off of the knife. I instantly saw the soldiers standing there again. Must've just been my brain imagining things, I thought. "What do we have here?" The soldier in the front said, lowering his gun, and looking straight at me. "Sorry?" I said, confused. "We thought you were dead." He replied. I suddenly felt like something deep down inside of me was coming up, taking over my whole body. I turned around and grabbed one of the knives-Nekros-and saw that my eyes were gold instead of blue in my reflection. Smiling, I turned back around and stared him straight in the eye. "Looks like I'm not." I smirked, giving them my death stare.
  9. Cliffhanger!! That's right. I cliffhanged it right there.
  10. I know that I took a really long time, and I'm really sorry for that. You guys are super-di-dooper awesome for sticking with this and reading this. Please tell me what you thought, and thanks for reading. Bye. ~Meg.

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