The Curse Forgotten (part 4)

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I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. I'm super sorry that I got this chapter out late, but I did hurry up and finish it because it's my birthday, and I wanted to give you guys a gift that probably isn't very good XD. But please tell me what you thought. Thanks for reading. ~Meg.

Jingle bells don't moo, they quack!! liz_king97: thank you :). And thank you for taking Premonitions too. SoccerTomboy13: thanks, I hope I can fix it too, but I don't think that's going to happen :P. Thank you all for reading this, and if you're still reading this, then that's awesome, and I love you all. Stay sarcastic and be awesome. ~Meg.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. I suggest reading the last chapter unless if you remembered what happened. Even I had to go back and read it.
  2. I was standing at our school's parking lot, waiting for Dean to show up. Everyone else was already here, at Jordyn's house, while Dean was ten minutes late. "Did we call him yet?" I asked. I was leaning against my truck,-well, it was actually my parents, but they allowed me to use it for the trip-which was the car that we always take. "Yeah," Chris replied, taking a seat on the grass, "he said that he was on his way." "Well he's not on his way fast enough." Jen grumbled. "Are you sure that we have everything? Do we have extra clothes? Tents? Pillows? Sleeping bags? Do we have-," Jordyn started rambling. "Jo! We have everything we need." Chris interrupted. "There he is!" I pointed at the black convertible coming down the road. "What took you so long?" Jen asked when Dean stepped out of the car with his bags. "I couldn't find everything." He explained. "Hurry up and put your crap in the car so we can get going." I told him and then opened up the driver's side, started the car, and waited for everyone else to get in. Dylan, Chris, and Dean sat in the back, while Jen and Jordyn sat up front with me. It was a tight squeeze, but no one seemed to mind.
  3. * * * * * * * * * * After four hours of driving, we finally reached the lake. The sun was a couple hours away from setting. I parked the truck by the path that we had to take to get to the lake, and we all started to grab our stuff that we had to carry. The lake was surrounded by trees, but had a large clearing on opposite sides. On the far side, there was a newly built log cabin that had music blasting from it. Screams of joy and laughter came from the hundreds of teenagers, and some of them were jumping off the pier. "Who the hell are they?" I demanded, dropping my stuff in the middle of the clearing. "I don't know." Jen replied, dropping her stuff next to mine. "Should we go tell them to turn down their music?" I asked. "You think they'll listen?" Dean asked. "No, but it's worth a shot." I replied and walked towards the pier on our side of the lake. I had my red swimsuit on already, so all I had to do was take off my shorts, black tank top, and kick off my white flip flops. I dove into the lake and started swimming to the cabin. I pulled myself onto the pier and started walking towards the cabin, but someone stopped me.
  4. "Oh my gods, Megan?" A voice said to the left of me. I turned and saw a girl with tan skin and choppy brown hair walking towards me. She was pretty and looked like she had some Native American heritage. To her left was a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes. He had SPQR tattooed on his forearm with what looked like barcodes under it. "It is Megan! She looks different without her jewelry and tattoos." The guy said. "I can't believe it's really you. We've been looking everywhere for you!" The girl said to me, and I gave her a confused looked. "I'm sorry, but have we met before?" I asked, and they both just chuckled. "Good one, Megan. But seriously, where did you run off to?" The guy asked. "How do you know my name?" I asked. "I see that you're not going to give this act up, huh?" He asked. "What act? I seriously have no idea who you guys are." I said and their smiles faltered. "You're kidding, right? We've known each other for two years." He said. "I've never met you before." I confessed.
  5. "Megan, stop joking. Tell us the truth." The girl said, her voice seemed to have power laced in it. "I've never seen you guys in my life." I said again. "Do the names Jason and Piper sound familiar?" She asked and I shook my head. "I'm sorry. You probably have me confused with someone else, but I hope you find her." I said. "The same thing must've happened to her as it did to Percy and me." The guy said. "You think it was Hera?" The girl asked, and I started to get a little creeped out. "Might be. What should we do?" The guy asked. "Are you feeling okay?" I asked them, and I had a weird flashback. I was kneeling on the ground of a very expensive hotel floor. Someone had a gun pointed at me, and then I heard a loud whistle. I said something to the guy and then kicked him, knocking him to the floor. Chaos happened and then I saw the girl get shot in the head, but I was the one who fell down screaming, and grabbing my head. I saw the guy run over to her, while another guy rushed towards me. After ten seconds, her wound started to heal, and I stopped screaming. Other things happened, but it just seemed like a blur. I walked over to where the girl and guy were standing, and to my surprise, she was alive. I said something about a spell, and they said something back. The last thing I remembered before being pulled out of my odd flashback was me saying, "Are you feeling okay?" to the girl.
  6. "Yeah, we're fine. Why?" The girl asked. "Is your name Piper?" I asked her, and she nodded her head. "And is your name Jason?" I asked the guy. "Uh, yeah." He replied. "This might sound weird, but were you shot in the head in a hotel lobby?" I asked Piper. "You remember?" She eagerly asked. "So, it did happen?" I asked. "Yeah, it happened." She replied. "But how are you not dead?" I asked. "You casted a spell which prevented us from dying." She explained, and then I got confused again. "No, that can't be." I shook my head. "I've been here all my life, and I've never casted a spell." "But-," Piper started. "Can you turn down the music? It's a little annoying. Thanks." I interrupted and then turned around, about to walk over to the pier, but I saw something catch the light of the sun.
  7. I picked it up and saw that it was a gold ring with a sun embedded on it. No one else was around, so I put it on my thumb, and I felt a lot better. It was a weird feeling because I wasn't sick or anything, but it made me feel... happier. Like there was light that finally reached the dark sides inside of me. I dove back into the lake and swam back to my friends. "I told them to turn down the music." I told them as I came out of the water. They were putting up the tents. "Did they listen?" Jen asked. "I have no idea. We'll find out shortly." I said and walked over to her and Jordyn to help put up our tent. Of course, none of us even glanced at the instructions, so we were confused as to which stick went where. We eventually got it, but it took us about an hour. When that was done, we put our bags in the tents, and Dylan started the fire, so we could cook some hamburgers. I went inside our (Jen, Jordyn, and I) tent to get the meat and the sleeping pills. Every time we visit the lake, we try to prank each other. It's sort of like a competition between the boys and us girls. Whichever team pranks the other first gets to brag that they're better than the other gender. This time, Jordyn came up with a plan that involved sleeping pills.
  8. I crushed three up and made sure that they were in three burgers before walking back out with them. I made sure that I knew where they were, so Jen, Jo, or I wouldn't eat them, and then gave the hamburgers to everyone. "Where did you get that ring?" Jordyn asked. "I found it on the shore. No one was around, so I took it." I explained. "Thief." Dean mumbled as he took another bite of his burger. "I'm sorry, what was that, Mr. I-like-to-steal-pencils-from-Megan?" I sarcastically said. "Dude, those are just pencils." He objected. "They are not 'just pencils'. They are mechanical pencils." I said. "Hey, do these burgers taste weird to anyone else?" Chris suddenly asked, staring suspiciously at his burger. "Mine does a little bit." Dylan said. "So does mine." Dean said and then they all stared at Jen, Jordyn, and me. We stared at the ground and just kept on eating. "What did you do to our food?" Chris asked, and we lifted up our heads. "Nothing." I said. "You did something." He pressed. "Ours taste a little weird too. It's probably because the meat wasn't very good." Jen lied. "Whatever." Chris said, obviously not buying it. "Look, we've all had a long day, so why don't we just go to sleep?" Jordyn suggested and they agreed to that, and then we walked to our separate tents. "Let the fun begin." Jen smirked and then we sat down, waiting for the boys to fall asleep.
  9. Okay, so I know that this chapter was a lot shorter than it usually and that it took me a really long time, and I'm really sorry for that. However, I forbid you guys to be angry at me because it's my birthday, so hold your horses.
  10. Anyways, I want to thank anyone who is still reading this. It means a lot to me, and I hope that I can write fast enough to get the next part out to you guys. And I really hope that this shows up on the newest quizzes list because it makes me really mad when it doesn't. Thanks for reading :), bye. ~Meg.

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