The Curse Forgotten (part 3)

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. So so so so sorry that it took me a really long time. My iPod is still kind crappy. Random side note: I got my braces off today :D. I had them on for four years. Anyways, if you need a recap, I put it in the first question box, but if you wanna read the whole second chapter again, then go right ahead.

Jingle bells don't moo, they quack!! Liz_king97: but I love cliffhanging :P. SoccerTomboy13: I tried that and it worked, but then my iPod died and now it's back in 1970 D:. I love you all, keep being awesome, and stay sarcastic. Thanks for reading :). ~Meg.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. Recap: Megan lost her memory, Dylan came to find her, and then Megan saved a boy from a shark attack.
  2. I woke up and realized that I was in a hospital. The heart monitor was beeping evenly, and I was on the bed. The tv was on, and there was a women talking about a shark attack.  "Sixteen year old Megan Heights, jumped in this water to save a little boy from a shark," a picture of me from a surf magazine showed up, "The shark then bit Heights as she was rescuing the boy. When they got on shore, Heights acted quickly in making sure the boy wouldn't bleed anymore, putting his life in front of hers. She then passed out from loosing all of the blood and is currently in life threatening conditions. Reporting to you live, I'm Fey Hepsurg." The women said.  "Thanks, Fey." The man behind the counter said, "In other news, a Colorado forest fire still rages just south of Denver. Firemen determined that the fire was man-made and that they're doing their best to slow it down." "That's stupid. Why would anyone wanna make a forest fire?" I mumbled to myself and then I got this weird flashback of me laying on the snow in a forest and then setting it on fire. I ignored it and grabbed the clicker to turn off the tv. 
  3. A nurse came into the room, and let out a scream when she saw that I was awake. I gave her a confused look as more nurses came into the room and a doctor came in. One nurse took the screaming nurse out of the room to calm her down.  "Are you alright? Do you feel dizzy? Nauseous?" The doctor asked me gently.  "Yeah, I'm fine. I don't feel dizzy or nauseous. I don't even have a headache." I replied.  "That's incredible." The doctor said, amazed.  "How?" I asked.  "You came into this hospital just yesterday. The shark bit you on your back and your right thigh." He informed me. 
  4. "My right thigh? I remember feeling pain on my back, but not my leg." I said.  "We were told that it bit you there after you passed out. We were sure that you were going to die." The doctor told me.  "Well, I didn't." I told him.  "I can see that." He said and then him and the nurses walked out of the room.  I pulled the blanket off of me and looked at my leg. It didn't seem like the shark took any meat off of me, and I had stitches starting from the bottom of my hip and going to the top of my knee. It was right where my bone was, which would explain why my leg wasn't missing a chunk of it.  I heard a knock on the door and then the women, whose child I saved, was standing at the door. She smiled at me, walked to where I was, and pulled me into a hug.  "Gracias." She told me.  "De nada." I said and then she left my room.  No less than five seconds later, Jen, Dean, Jordyn, and Chris came into the room. 
  5. "How in the world are you alive right now?" Jen asked me.  "I don't know." I replied.  "They said that you lost 50% of your blood and that you were going to die and if you did live then you would have heart problems and-." Jordyn rambled.  "Jordyn! I'm fine. Honestly." I interrupted.  "Do you think you'll be able to make it to the lake in two weeks?" Dean asked.  "Yeah, I'll be fine then. I'll be fine if we leave tomorrow." I said.  "Dylan's coming with us." Chris suddenly told me.  "Why? We barely know him." I said.  "No. You guys barely know him. I've known him since we were four." Chris said.  "Not gonna happen." I protested.  "Come on, Megan. He's a really cool dude. Just let him come with us." Jen begged.  "Ugh. Fine." I said, throwing my head back.  "Good. Now get some sleep." Jordyn said and then they left my room. 
  6.           * * * * * * * *  Two weeks later, my stitches were out, and Jen was right: Dylan actually is a pretty cool dude, and I was glad that I agreed to let him come to the lake with us tomorrow.  "You sure you're ready? You just got your stitches out an hour ago." Chris told me as we stood in front of the ocean, our surfboards in our hands.  "Yes, I'm ready. I don't think a little injury is going to stop me." I said.  "Okay, then you know the drill: one wave. One shot. You miss it, the other person wins." He told me.  "I know." I replied.  "Looks like you got some paparazzi following you." Chris suddenly said and then pointed to a man sitting under an umbrella with a long camera pointed at us. I smiled and waved at him.  "I'm glad that they're here." I said. They've been following me around ever since I took that modeling job.  "Why?" Chris asked.  "Because someone had to get me beating you on camera." I smiled and then ran into the ocean with Chris right on my heels. 
  7. We paddled out further into the sea until we reached a good spot.  Seeing a wave on the horizon, both Chris and I headed straight towards it, getting into position. Simultaneously, we both stood up on our boards.  I forced my board to get closer to Chris's, making him a little nervous. No less than ten seconds later, I made him nervous enough, and he fell of his board. I laughed and continued to ride the wave until I reached the shore, where I waited for Chris.  "I win." I smiled when he was in hearing distance.  "This time." He said.  "And the other times." I replied.  "Whatever helps you sleep at night." Chris said and I playfully punched his arm.  "Who won?" A voice called out and I turned to see Jordyn and Dylan walking towards us.  "Guess." I said when they stood in front of us.  "Chris?" Jordyn guessed.  "Why do you think it would be him? He hasn't won a single one." I pointed out, leaning against my surfboard.  "Maybe because you were injured?" Jordyn said.  "That makes sense." I said. 
  8. "Well, we should all get going. It's going to be a long drive tomorrow." Chris said and we all agreed since the sun was starting to set. Dylan and I walked in one direction, while Chris and Jordyn walked in the other.  "So, why did you runaway?" I asked Dylan, breaking the silence.  "I felt like I didn't belong." He replied.  "Why'd you go to New York?" I asked. I wasn't really worried about asking him too many personal questions, he didn't seem to mind.  "To find myself." He shrugged.  "But why New York? Why not Florida, or Canada, or anywhere else?" I asked as we continued to walk on the sidewalk.  "Why not? It's suppose to be this amazing city where dreams come true." Dylan explained.  "Suppose to? What happened?" I asked.  "It's a long story. It ends with me screwing everything up." I caught a glimpse of regret flash through his eyes.  "Who was she?" I asked.  "How do you know it was someone?" He asked.  "It's obvious. You only say that you regret what you did, your dreams didn't happen, and that you screwed everything up only if there's someone. So, I ask again, who was she?" I said and he sighed.  "Probably the best girl ever." He told me.  "What happened?" I asked.  "I screwed up and hurt her pretty badly." He said.  "What did she do?" I asked, deciding not to ask any further on what he did to hurt this girl.  "She ran. No one knows where she went. She just seemed to disappear." He explained.  "I'm sorry." I said.  "Don't be. It was my fault." The weird thing was that he sounded like he was apologizing to me.  My house came into view, and I said bye to Dylan while walking into my house. I ran upstairs, took a shower, brushed my teeth, and fell asleep on my bed. 
  9. Cliffhanger!!
  10. So sorry that it was short and took me forever to get this out, but my iPod is still jacked up and it thinks that it's in 1970 :\. But I hope to get the next one out as soon as I can. I love you all. Have a good day, and thanks for reading :). ~Meg.

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