How to make this new year the best it can be

Entering into a new year, make use of Your Secret for Success. There isn't just one, "The Secret." Nor is there only one "Law of Attraction." In 2007 "The Secret" became famous but in the new year, you may discover more secrets on your own.

This quiz is designed to help you to understand and activate YOUR Secret so that you can attract a better new year. You may also be surprised to view other ways that people approach things. Do you assume others have the same approach as you? This quiz can help.

Created by: Rose Rosetree
  1. Making New Year's resolutions:
  2. One (totally preventable) way to guarantee misery in this new year is:
  3. To move on from any disappointing love relationships from my past, I can resolve that in this new year I will:
  4. To improve my current relationships with friends (including any romantic partner), in this new year I resolve to:
  5. My aura can play a part in making this a better new year because:
  6. How does gratitude fit into my plans for the new year?
  7. Health, in this new year, is important. I am, after all, going to turn one year older. My best approach for staying healthy is to:
  8. Dealing with weight and appearance, in this new year I resolve to:
  9. Paying attention to the other people in my life, in the New Year I aim to:
  10. Handling money, my plan in the new year is to:
  11. Getting drunk or high:
  12. Honoring my commitments:
  13. The biggest secret that will bring me success in 2008 is:
  14. The biggest secret that will bring me success in 2008 is:

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