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Hour 25 is a community of independent scholars, most of whom graduated from a massive on-line open classroom called "The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours"

We wanted to continue the conversation started by our hero and professor Gregory Nagy of Harvard University. If the topics in the quiz interested you, check us out.

Created by: William Moulton of Hour 25
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  1. In the area (demos) of Ithaca is a bay, a haven of the Old One of the Sea. Which ancient sea god are we talking about here?
  2. The primordial sea-god Pontus begat a trusty and truthful son, eldest indeed of his children. Who is this second generation sea-god? Hint; Thetis is his daughter of this trustworthy deity.
  3. Athena explains to a confused Odysseus that he offered many an acceptable hecatomb to the Naiads. These Ithacan goddesses were the Nymphs of...?
  4. Odysseus's men turned into what creatures thanks to Circe's brew?
  5. What was the name of Phorkys' one-eyed grandson, who was sired by Poseidon?
  6. Two young men named Kleobis and Biton pulled the wagon that carried their mother to the temple of Heraion. Their mother was priestess for which great goddess?
  7. Clytemnestra converses with the chorus, justifying the killing of Agamemnon and of course the poor slave girl who accompanied him. Who was this beautiful Trojan princess?
  8. Which creatures did Zeus give to Laomedon as the compensation for losing his son,Ganymede?
  9. Talos was given to Minos by Hephaestus; he was a brazen man. He had a single vein extending from his neck to his ankles, and a bronze nail was rammed home at the end of the vein. His death was brought about by the wiles of which mortal witch? Hint; She was married to Jason the Argonaut.
  10. Someone explained that these ancient goddesses of vengeance were like vampires that feed on the blood of the house of Atreus. Which group of goddess below are we NOT talking about?
  11. Aeneas carried whom from burning Troy?

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