Telling Time Quiz

This quiz has been designed for an online digital learning object, aimed for year 2 students who are learning to tell time. Student's test their knowledge and skills that they have learnt after undertaking some of the features available on this resource.

After you have viewed the Introductory clips on telling time, and have participated in the Interactive learning tools, try this quiz to test what you have learnt.

Created by: Kira
  1. 2:45 is the same as
  2. 7:15 is the same as
  3. Half past five o'clock is the same as
  4. A quarter to twelve o'clock is the same as
  5. 6:00 is the same as
  6. A quarter past three o'clock is the same as
  7. 1:45 is the same as
  8. 9:15 is the same as
  9. Half past twelve o'clock is the same as
  10. 7:45 is the same as

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