Is it time for a divorce?

... Okay, so where do we start? Marriage is a good and blessed time. But sometimes it can go wrong, and we need to address that. It's nothing personal, just my guess.

Warning: Take this quiz at your own discretion. I cannot be responsible for problems caused by this quiz as for I live miles and miles away from England. I am telling the truth, alright?

Created by: Danni

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  1. You're late home from work. You tell your partner it was due to traffic, but he / she doesn't believe you!
  2. You discover your partner has cheated on you. What next?
  3. Does your partner get angry / aggressive quite easily?
  4. Do you love your partner?
  5. Does your partner love you?
  6. Are you currently in rehab?
  7. Does your partner try to lighten things up when you're upset?
  8. How many fights have you two had?
  9. Have you ever had to go onto the Jeremy Kyle show?
  10. Do you have any guns, drugs, or junk present in the house?
  11. Have you got any children?
  12. Does anyone in your family have Asperger's, ADHD, or autism?

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