Dream telling time 2.

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I LOVE to sleep. I love having dreams. You never know what to expect when you fall asleep, and enter the magical world of dreamland! For example one of my sisters had a dream that I drowned at Holiday World. Yeah... We're a pretty messed up bunch...

When I made my first dream telling time quiz, it was fun to read the comments at the end. So, please comment on my quiz. I want to hear about all of the crazy dreams out there! Go wak-gobs! Yeah! So, um... you know... have fun I guess....

Created by: TNMEBDMS girl
  1. *DREAM MODE* I was riding in a car with my little sister. She was the one driving for some odd reason. Neither one of us were old enough to drive. We never got pulled over though. Anyway, we were going to McDonald's out of the request of my little brother, who had decided to stay at home.
  2. When we finally got to McDonald's, my little sister pulled her big, blue, truck into the drive through. When we got to the speaker to place our order, she couldn't stop the car. "Hey, stop the truck." I said. She looked at me with fear in her eyes. "I can't!" she screamed back. "Uh-oh" I said. (Just so you know, there was a HUGE lake behind McDonald's for some weird reason).
  3. So, as you would have guessed, both of us were fridging out! "What are we gonna do?" my little sister screamed. I tried to open the door to get out. It was jammed! "Hey, try to open your door." I told her, after I found that my door was jammed. "I can't open it!" she yelled. Crap. I'm gonna die in a truck with my little sister at McDonald's. I thought.
  4. As the truck sank in the water, and we screamed for our near death, the unexpected happened. We heard someone doing one of those gorilla calls, you know the ones where you beat on your chest. We stopped screaming, and turned around. My big sister was on top of the building.
  5. She jumped off the building. She landed in the the on top of the truck. She pulled the truck out of the lake. After she pulled us out, she tore the doors off so we could get out. "Wow!" I exclaimed, "When did you get so strong?!" My older sister flexed her arm muscles. "Ya likey?" she asked. "Um, NO!" I said.
  6. "Why were you driving?" she asked our little sister. "Um..." she replied. "Let's go home." our big sister said. So, we walked down the busy streets together all the way back home.
  7. When we returned home without any McDonald's, our little brother was furious! He screamed at the top of his lungs until I slapped him in the face. When I did that, all he did was call me a spazz and go on about his day.
  8. *DREAM MODE OVER* That was when I woke up.
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