Dream telling time.

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Gather around! From near and far! I will tell you, my children, a dream of mine that I had a few days ago. It wasn't my weirdest dream, not even close, but it is pretty... um... strange. You know, if you think dreaming of Iron Man in a tuxedo is strange... Yes, you read that correctly, Iron Man!

Gather around children! From near and far! I will tell you, my children, about a dream I had few nights ago... It wasn't my weirdest dream, not even close... but it is pretty... um... strange... Yeah, ya know what... I already said all this stuff in the first paragraph! So, just take the quiz already!

Created by: TNMEBDMS girl

  1. Listen my dears as I tell you a tale of one of my dreams.
  2. Um... let's see, the boxing marshmallow, you've been warned funeral, celebrity bird swatting, motorcycle animal chase, oh! I know!
  3. *DREAM MODE* Okay, so there I was, lying in my bed, too lazy to move, when I heard a knock at my door. I got my lazy butt up, and answered the door. I opened the door, a d standing there was Mitchell Musso in a tux, with a bouquet in his hand.
  4. Standing behind him was iron man and Lucas Cruikshank, also in tuxes and holding bouquets.
  5. At the EXACT same time, they all kneel on their knees and say, "Will you marry me?" Of course I am shocked that Mitchel Musso, Lucas Cruikshank, and Iron Man are at my door, asking me to marry them. "Uh..." I replied.
  6. They all started fighting. Screaming at each other, "NO, SHE'S MARRYING ME!" I was awfully confuzzled. "Hey, guys! Break it up! I'm not marrying any of you!" I yelled at them. "Why not?" Iron Man asked. "Well, for one YOU'RE IRON MAN! Second of all I'm too young to get married. And, third of all- wait... how did you know where I live?!" I asked, very creeped out. "Um... internet?" Lucas Cruikshank said.
  7. I shut the door. They all burst in my house before I got the chance to lock the door though. "I love you!" they all said. "Stop talking at the same time! It's freaking me out." I said. "Sorry." They replied.
  8. "Give me a second to think about this." I said, sitting down. "One... Second's over!" Mitchel said. "You turd-nugget! You know what I meant!" I said. He smirked.
  9. "How about you guys leave, and I'll get back to you." I said. "Good enough for me. Come on, guys." Lucas said, walking out the door with Mitchel and Iron Man.
  10. Um... After that I woke up...

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