lifespan development midterm

Welcome to the lifespan development pretest. This will help you figure out where you still need some work at studying and what you are ready for. Enjoy! this is for the one that is all and nothing taking up space cause its making me hope this is enough

Now is your chance. Take your time and dont cheat! it will be worth it in the end! Now is your chance. Take your time and dont cheat! it will be worth it in the end! Now is your chance. Take your time and dont cheat! it will be worth it in the end!

Created by: Darra
  1. What is the first stage of prenatal development
  2. what is the most common chromosonal abnormality
  3. Which of the following is not a teratogen?
  4. which of the following is not heredity inherited
  5. the scientific study of process of change and stability throughout the human life span defines
  6. emotion, personality and social relationships are all characteristics of what major domain of development
  7. imprinting is described as the fundamental influence that defines:
  8. Wich of the following does not fall under Paul B. Baltes developmental apprach?
  9. Locke's mechanistic model is based on
  10. "qualitative changes in thought occur between infancy and adolescence" describes which perspective of human development?
  11. "behavior is controlled by powerful unconscious urges" describes which perspective of human development
  12. Which of the following defines Vygotsky's sociocultural theory?
  13. which of the following is not an application of research in the study of human development?
  14. which of the following defines growth from the inside outward?
  15. Breast feeding...
  16. the brain is 90% developed by what age?
  17. "the specialization of the hemispheres of the brain. The left side with language and the right side with visual/spacial" defines what term?
  18. what is the first sense to develop?
  19. blinking, yawning and coughing are all characteristics of what reflex
  20. milestones of physical development include all but what?
  21. "basic mechanics of learning,concerned with behavior changes in response to experience defines which cognitive development?
  22. "environmental aspects of the learning process, particularly the role of parent/caregiver" defines what cognitive development?
  23. a single word that conveys a complete thought is defined as?
  24. what is the correct order that language develops?
  25. psychosocial development would be best defined as?
  26. embarrassment, empathy, envyare all characteristics of which basic emotion?
  27. what kind of temperment is characterized by mildly intense reactions and gradually develops a liking to new stimuli
  28. the fathers role is important because
  29. mary ainsworth's strange situation test resulted in which three patterns?
  30. self awareness is best defined as?
  31. girls are four times more likely than boys to be sexually abused
  32. what percent of the population is right handed?
  33. what is the leading cause of child deaths in the united states?
  34. Piaget's operational stage is best defined as?
  35. children's speech becomes more adult like at what age?
  36. "children develop a mentally organized network of information about what it means to be male or female" is best identified as?
  37. oppositonal defiant disorder is best described as?
  38. the most effective parenting style in Baumrind's model of parenting style's is?
  39. boys are more likely to show what kind of aggression?
  40. which of the following is not one of the levels of play?

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