Is Your Child Ready for Piano Lessons?

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Piano Lessons have incredible benefits to children, including enhanced early development of motor skills and cognitive skills (such as memorization, math, and split concentration), as well as benefits that last a lifetime, such as an emotional outlet, building confidence, discipline, perseverance, and learning what it takes to master something.

While it's an amazing journey, it's important to identify when the child is truly ready to start. Maybe your child shows a great interest and aptitude for music! That's a great sign! Take this quiz and find out whether your child is ready for the next step, piano instruction!

Created by: Kimberly Wong of North Peace Piano Studio
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  1. How does your child respond when s/he hears music that s/he likes?
  2. What does your child do when they sit at the piano/keyboard?
  3. How does your child do playing games with rules?
  4. Does your child know the difference between left and right?
  5. How well does your child know the alphabet?
  6. How well can s/he colour within the lines?
  7. How well can your child use scissors?
  8. How well does your child count?
  9. How is your child's ability to focus?
  10. How does your child's hand fit on the keyboard?
  11. How is your child's interest in learning how to play the piano?

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Quiz topic: Is my Child Ready for Piano Lessons?