Chopin-piano genius

Chopin was a piano composer of extremely fine talent, intelligence, and ability. Have you heard his name? Anyone who plays piano well enough appreciates his wonderful musical works of genius.

I am obsessed with him and you should be too. Not enough people hear about this famous person. Take this test and find out how much you do or do not know about this man. Then spread the knowledge!

Created by: emily of Chopin-Piano Genius
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  1. What is Chopin's first name?
  2. Where was Chopin born?
  3. In what year was Chopin born?
  4. One of Chopin's earliest instructors played what instrument besides the piano?
  5. Chopin spent 8 or 9 (my sources differ) years with an authoress. Who was this woman?
  6. How is Chopin's name spelled in his native tongue, Polish?
  7. Where did Chopin spend the major part of his career?
  8. Chopin's father and mother were what nationalities, consecutively?
  9. What debilitating disease affected Chopin for most of his life and probably caused his death?
  10. Which of the following was one of Chopin's role models?
  11. Maria Wodzinska had what relationship with Chopin?
  12. How many sisters did Chopin have?
  13. Who was Chopin most like?

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