What smartphone brand is for you!

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This quiz will not cover every single smartphone brand on Earth but will cover some of the most popular ones. This is very simple so you should understand most of the questions I put on here.

This is also my first ever quiz I made here. I tried my best so hopefully you enjoy and please don't take this seriously if any of the lines do offend you for some reason.

Created by: Alberta

  1. What feature do you wish your phone to be the best?
  2. Do you like your phone big or small?
  3. How much do you want your phone to be costing?
  4. Do you like using your phone to listen music with?
  5. Are you a big fan of how easy it is to acess applications and icons on the home screen?
  6. If you had to say one of these lines, which one would you prefer to say?
  7. Do you prefer a fire resistant phone or a water resistent phone?
  8. Do you prefer laptops or computers?
  9. Which brand do you think you're going to get? (this doesn't affect your score)
  10. Are you excited for your results???

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